Where is the Washing machine?

We were watching tele and caught the end of a who-dun-it. It involved the death of a rugby coach and he was murdered for being a cross-dresser or transgender maybe. The interesting thing was that he under-dressed when out and about in BoB mode. He kept his transgender side completely private, but I guess somehow, something showed – but as we didn’t see the whole thing I don’t know how it had happened. A comment was made that it is common for transgenders to underdress as it is the easiest feminine thing we can do, and usually perfectly unnoticeable. I had a sneaky glance at Jay, but she didn’t seem to put two and two together, and wonder if I do it.

If you have read some of my older posts, then you know I do underdress. Winter is a fab time for underdressing, as thick jumpers hide blouses and teeshirts very nicely, and baggy trousers hide tights and nylons. The big problem occurs when your partner is pathologically against anything feminine getting anywhere near you. Underdressing is easy – washing everything isn’t. Handwashing them is quite effective in the short term, but things need a good turn in the machine every so often.

I can only throw things in the washing machine when there is a very good chance that I can get to it first when it has finished, which means Jay has to be on an errand or busy in the hobbies room. This means I have to have a ‘dirty cupboard’ for clothes waiting for a wash. and also that I don’t wear things for more than a brief period, so they are still actually quite clean.

Isn’t life fun.! I am however blessed with a family that I adore and I would so like to share my real self with them, but as I’ve said before, my love for Jay and the status quo is stronger than my love of self. It’s my choice, and I try to make the best of it, and on the whole, life is good.





I want to say – Call me Anna

It’s not going to happen, but it’s what I yearn for. Even if I can’t dress as Anna it would be so nice that at least the family knew who I am. They can call be me what ever they like, but I’d like them to have the choice.

As I was saying to Tina, life is good being Bob with Jay, but the yearning is an ever present undercurrent. I carry makeup and underwear wherever we go, but underdressing is as far as it goes.

2016 was a funny old thing. Brexit and Trump. I can hardly believe it. In both cases the vote was for the people that caused all the problems. The Brexiteers believed the people saying we’ll have a fab NHS when we leave Europe, and this from the mouths of the very politicians who were trying to privatise the NHS. And the Americans believed Trump when he said he’d sort out corruption and big business shenanigans – and he’s one of the big business guys himself.

I just hope that the fallout from these people doesn’t ruin the planet, because in both groups, the vitriol and hatred they stirred up has given credence to people already harbouring those views and hate crimes and violence has been unleashed. A very sad state of affairs for humanity.

Back to business. I want to wish everyone a safe and fulfilled 2017.

New resolution – just a thought at this very moment. To keep in touch more often.

Hugs Anna.


Happy 2016 and other updates

First – I wish all readers and followers of my little blog, a happy, safe and rewarding 2016.

I notice that my little blog is still getting hits, so I thank you all most kindly.When I started my blog, it was with the hope that it would track my journey into some form of womanhood, and so I made it public and safe, with no sexy stuff of risqué photos, so that it was suitable for children and young adults looking for information on what others are going through. Unfortunately, I got glued into the closest. My fault, but I decided that the love of my wife Jay, and her love for me, was more important than gender emancipation, (if that’s the right word).

The hormones, even at the low level that my prostate is allowed, are doing a good job. My body hair continues to get thinner and thinner; my back no longer resembles a monkey’s; my chest hair has gone; my breast hair is very thin, and my arm hair has lost a lot of it’s colour and strength, which makes it invisible when I have tanned arms in the summer. My tummy hair is reluctant to go for some reason, as are the knees. Hanna (see my reading list) was bemoaning hair on her hands, but my hands and feet, together with my legs, were the first things I hit with the wax strips. I still have some hair on my hands, but it takes ages to grow now, and is thin and pale, so I don’t need to do them very much. I haven’t had to wax my legs for a couple of years now, bar the pesky knees of course.

I was hoping for some breasts by now, but even if they haven’t grown in actuality, they feel a nice size in my hand, and have that nice feel that Jay’s have. Viewed full on in a mirror they don’t look much at all.

The main thing about thinking of myself as a woman is that there is a big difference in how I perceive myself in my brain – and what I see in a mirror. The technique is not to let the mirror dissuade  me from my core feelings of self – and to look at myself as little as possible.

Christmas was fun, with all the GUKs (grown up kids) at home. I have recommenced underdressing most of the time , which keeps me sane and motivated. By most of the time, I mean all day from getting dressed after breakfast to getting undressed for bed at night. I have some super comfy nickers in short shorts style with Super Babe on them. I also tuck all the time, and this underwear keeps the essential bits that I hate so much, smoothed out and non-manly. It appeals to me to be womanised as far as possible when the GUKs are around – or anyone else for that matter, LoL.

That will do for now, but I have some gossip to share, so I’ll pop back again soon. Hugs to you all.


Spring is Sprung, but not Anna

Last Year in January I started getting cramps in my legs – it was like someone had thrown a switch and turned them on. After a month of very bad ones I stopped taking my Statins. It took four or five months for them to ease off, and they haven’t gone entirely even now

Come September I went to the Health Centre for my annual check and we discussed the statins, and then we did all the usual blood tests. Guess what! the cholesterol was up. This was followed by a chat with the cholesterol nurse who put me on the Mediterranean Diet, which isn’t a weight loss diet, more a life style thing. I had a three month cholesterol check in December, and a six month check in March.

Well … Jay and I had put ourselves on the 5 and 2 diet. 5 days a week we eat normally, and on 2 we only have 500 calories. By the time I had the first cholesterol check I’d lost 10 lbs, but the cholesterol was up. Come the second cholesterol check I’d put a few lbs back on, but we’d had a holiday, so I called that a result. I’ve stagnated a bit since then but I’m still 8 lbs lighter, so pretty good really. The cholesterol? up again!! In that 6 months I had cut out all butter, margarine, margarine and butter lookalike spreads, plus I had cut out chips/French fries completely and only had boiled potatoes a couple of times a week – and my cholesterol had STILL gone UP. By the way – I’m back to eating chips again. Fish and chips are so yummy, and we have them once a week again now.

I had some giddy spells last month and went to see a doc, and it turned out to be nothing serious, just a side affect of another drug, Tamulosinhydroxide. I took the opportunity of chatting with him about my Cholesterol results. He said I had a particularly hight ‘good cholesterol’ count (1+) within the overall cholesterol (6.9) and not get hung up on this cholesterol and diet thing. He basically told me to just enjoy eating in a normal well balanced way, and not worry about it all.

A funny thing happened at Xmas. My son started to tell a story about a young boy of a friend of his, and the story had a crossdressing  transgender theme, and my daughter stared in my direction while he was telling the tale. So I guess they know or think they know about me. Doesn’t help though as I can’t push Jay into accepting me as Anna on the basis that the kids know already, because she won’t admit it. Jay made a comment about family, and so my son asked, “So what’s weird about Dad?” and of course she didn’t answer LoL.

It’s nice reading about what you girls get up to, and some of you have an amazing fun time – but it rarely includes family I notice. It’s going to be a long time before transgender is out in the open with our families, so getting public recognition could open the door for us. I feel I’m letting the side down by not doing my bit, out of the closet. Sorry girls. Nice that lots of you have fun, but sad that lots of you face persecution and abuse too.

The story? I’ve forgotten the tale, and only remember the flavour, as I was too busy watching my daughter in my peripheral vision, and being secretly pleased while I kept a blank expression. LoL.

Love and hugs to you all.

Polari on line Magazine – Carol Steel Interview.

Just a quickie to let you know about the article I’ve just seen on the Polari on line Magazine. It’s vey good.


Ok, I guess I should let you know how things are going, while I’m here, after all, it would be impolite not too.

Hair is still receding everywhere, even off my breasts. Boobs aren’t getting bigger. Girlie time is zilch – it’s just all in my head, and not getting out. I’ve bought some more lipstick and nail varnish, just because it’s nice to get new stuff, even if I can’t use them – LoL. It’s almost a year since I had my week of girlie time.

I can’t complain really, as the bob with the lovely Jay is fun – it’s just not the fun I’d like to be having.

Have fun.

Hi Y’awl

I thought it was about time I put a new post up, or every one will think I’ve given up.

I had a super few days as Anna in December, because I had the house to myself for a week. Shopping, new tights, new night wear – just so nice. The closet is still firmly locked, and I’m still happy being Anna on the inside, and Bob on the outside. At times like last December, I do pine for the complete feminine experience, and dream and fantasise about a life as a girl. It’s not going to happen, because I’m still massively in love with Jay, and there’s no chance of acceptance from that quarter.

All my clothes are hidden away – but too far away that I can’t grab them at a minutes notice. Luckily, Jay hasn’t shown any interest in searching for things. I think finding them would mean that I’m still ‘not well’, and she doesn’t want to know that.


Some of my regular reads have dropped off the radar over the year, so I felt it was important to show that I may be closeted, but I’m still on screen. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs, albeit mostly by email, so sorry if I’m not helping your stats, LoL. I get Transliving International posts my email too, so I suppose I’m little miss lurker, LoL.


Have fun every one. Happy Mothers day and Easter to you all.

Hormones are Cool – the update

Since I got the hormones for other medical reasons, it has been fun to watch what has been happening. I was yearning for those ‘side effects’.

I had very thick body hair, especially on my arms, back and chest. I had been waxing my legs for some years, plucking a Vee in my chest hair, so no hair showed when I wore Vee necked sweatshirts etc, and doing the backs of my hands of course. My body and arm hair has thinned out massively, and I only have to wax the backs of my hands occasionally; what does grow, is barely noticeable you see. My legs are a delight, bar a couple of renegade areas – the knees – but with each waxing, the grow back takes longer, and gets weaker. That Vee from my neck to my cleavage needs less and less plucking to keep it pretty. Why don’t I wax that area? It goes bright red, and in fact, just breathing on it turns it red, but plucking doesn’t produce such a bright response; probably because it was ‘little and often’. I still have facial hair, but I can get by in Bob mode with not shaving every day. It wouldn’t work if I wanted to go out dressed Anna style.

Sadly, my boobs haven’t grown very much, if at all, but they do have a nice boob texture and feel about them. I would probably need to up the dosage a bit, but there is no way I’m going to self-med, (I have thought about the possibility, but other girls reckon it’s too dodgy), so I’m just pleased to have what I’ve got. LoL.

The lack of libido came back after several months, but nothing else came back with it, which funnily enough, hasn’t bothered me. This may not be the hormones of course, it may be a malfunction for other reasons. I’m not going to bother about finding out though. I must admit, I don’t read those instructions that come with medicines. I don’t want to know about side effects, just in case it encourages me to imagine things I haven’t actually got. I prefer to wait and see if anything happens or not.

Have fun and stay safe.