30 November 2008 A Wii girl and names.

I can’t believe I’m p**d off over a game. Our daughter is going to be doing things geological in the Mediteranean over Xmas, and so she and her partner came for a long weekend, and we had an early Xmas; turkey, giant cracker, presents, and played games. The girls eventually talked Mrs A into having a Wii as a Xmas gift, although she thought it would be a dead donkey as soon as the girls left. So off they went, found Tesco’s, and the Wii. It came with 1 hand sets, so they bought three more, one of which had another disc of games with it. Did we like it?

I’ll tell you in a minute.

The coast is clear again. Did we like the Wii? It is amazing, and it’s not just that the game is fun, (10 pin bowling that is, our fave), but all the sounds, the general hubhub around you, the vignettes of other people in the ally and in the lanes beside yours, is so well done. So why am I p**d off?. Well, the girls don’t know about Anna, and I would have so liked to have had a Mii, (that’s a Wii avatar you build for yourself, and it plays in all your games), with my female name and a female face and body; although I must say a Mii body is a very cartoonish persona, but it does the job. How sad is that, a girl mooning over a missing Mii.

Actually, names are very fascinating, especially when they are ones you have chosen yourself. That seems like a good subject for the next blog. To get back to the visit; the whole long weekend was fantastic otherwise. I love being surrounded by women anyway, but as usual in these things, there was lots of repartee and laughter, and the girls treated us to a pub meal through the mountains at Betws-Y-Coed. I did the cooked breakfast bit which ended up more like lunch because the girls are not early risers; Mrs A did the Xmas dinner, and the girls introduced me to a new wine, (a red, which was actually drinkable, (yes, I am not a fan of red wine – yet)).

My favourite transgender site: Angels Forum

17 November 2008 Lipstick on my Cola!

I have been practising with the lipstick of course, but using it has introduced another level of deception, just ripe for creating a hitch, and so it was. Mrs A was watching the soaps; I was dressed en femme, and put my lipstick on, convinced I was getting better at it, and it was a tad thicker. So I sat watching something on the TV while I filed my nails and gave them a buffing, not being passed out for nail polish yet. While this was going on I was drinking a glass of cola. I got back into Bob mode as 8 pm approached and went downstairs.

Fast forward a few hours, and we are in bed, and Mrs A like an ice block, barely reacting to my endearments and sleep tight kisses. ‘Now what have I done?’ I wondered. Mrs A got up and disappeared, and when she hadn’t returned I went to find her. She asked me if I liked the lipstick, and I was a bit gob smacked. Although I had wiped the stuff off my lips, it transpires that I left the evidence on my drinking glass. I can’t help but chuckle over that, as I can’t believe I was such a muffin, as in ‘muffin the mule – fool’, not as in ‘chocolate chip’. The resulting angst wasn’t anything to laugh at though.

We had some tears, and actually talked a bit about it. Interestingly, Mrs A complained that while I was up stairs, ‘doing whatever I do’, she couldn’t come up there, virtually making a part of her home out bounds, so I told her I felt the same way, I wasn’t free to use my home as I wanted either. She complained that I returned from ‘up there’ still in character, poncing about like a girl. I took that as a compliment, as I try to have those subtle womanly traits all the time, even out and about; hmm perhaps not subtle enough. How all this will effect our relationship, and the amount of en femme time I get, time will tell, because, above all else, I’m still a girl in a guys body.

12 November 2008 Lipstick and Towels

I’m sitting en femme with my lippo on, and that is the funny side of today’s blog. Monday evening saw me trying out the lipstick again during my en femme window. It was a super feeling, using it, even if I didn’t get it on to my satisfaction. Not to worry, I have a whole tube of the delightful stuff to practice with. It wasn’t until we were about to go to bed that I realised I hadn’t taken the lipstick off. Luckily we keep the lounge quite dimly lit, although there are 460 watts of light available. I popped into the bathroom, and what did I see, nothing. I obviously didn’t put it on thick enough, and the teas and colas had washed it off. I’ll try to remember to take it off tonight. It has a very nice taste.

I’m feeling a bit sad and tense tonight. Jay is trying to ban me from wearing a towel girlie style, high over my boobs, or what sadly masquerades as boobs on this annoying male personage, and just under my armpits. She said ‘I can’t stand you flouncing around like that’, when I joined her in the kitchen after my shower. I’ve been ‘flouncing’ about like this for 6 years, ever since I came out to her. Her sister stayed with us in September, and I was waiting for her to come out of the shower, and I was towelled up as usual, and she gave me a funny look, so perhaps she had a chat with Jay about it and me. I am surprised I suppose that I’ve been lucky to get away with it so long, but I’m a bag of nerves again, butterflies in the tummy, wondering if she is going to start taking an interest in my other girlie things.

Jay has been uptight about me waxing my legs, (I just adore waxing, I’d like to do my whole body), and banned me from removing my chest hair, which I did on day 1. I compromise there, as I have got a vee of clear plucked skin so I can wear open vee neck blouses, or guys shirts, without showing any hair. She checks on the chest zone quite regularly, disguised as a friendly fondle. She doesn’t like it if my vee gets too big. I keep the backs of my hands and tops of my feet waxed too. Every so often I add my shoulders and upper arms to the list too. Perhaps I should enrol for waxing-anonymous.

10 November 2008 Lipstick

I had to go into town last week to the bank, and as I normally do, when out and about un-chaperoned, I headed for the girls departments in the stores. I was tempted to buy some lipstick, which would be my first purchase of an item of self decoration. I blew it before I got to the counter, but I stopped off at Lidl for some groceries, and bought a new bra. It has a preformed shape, and doesn’t need any internal padding. It gives me a delightful smooth bosom shape. Today I drove Jay to her dentist and went into the local chemist, and actually did it; I bought my first lipstick. I was embarrassed, as ever when I buy anything girlie, but never mind, I’ll get used to it one day.

I got home with Jay and immediately headed upstairs to try it out. The colour, Rimmel’s ‘Indulgence’ even looks presentable; as I have no sense of colour, I was expecting the worst. I had to wipe it all off straight away, but this evening I am dressed en femme, and wearing my new lipstick. I only get an hour tonight, but it just feels so marvellous, I’ll be on cloud nine for a few days at least.

In some ways it feels a bit sad that such a small step give so much pleasure, but on the other hand, I should get plenty more getting to my femme incarnation when it happens.

Entry for 08 November 2008 Sunday Fun

Sunday’s are my favourite days, as I get to do all the women’s things. I always dress smart on Sunday’s, as it is nice to set one day as special in the week. ‘Smart’ means wearing my best jeans, a favourite shirt, (the nearest thing to a blouse of course) and my best trainers, (which are girl trainers). I pamper my gorgeous wife (MGW) all day. It starts with a cooked breakfast of grilled bacon, fried (1 cal spray) egg, chopped tomato’s and fried mushrooms, (in olive oil). Vanilla cappuccino for elevenses. Lunch is our main meal; I can cook pies, chicken pieces, mince meals, casseroles, and even a joint, (lamb being a favourite), or fish and chips. For tea we have a plate of cut fruit, salad veg, and a slice of meat and cheese with a round of toast.

Sunday is our day for doing the Telegraph and Mail crosswords. We do as much as we can out of our heads before hitting the reference books, and if there are some clues left after that we hit the net. It’s a lazy day of togetherness, and pampering MGW. The one thing that would make it perfect would be to do all my fun tasks en femme.

Entry for 06 November 2008 Clothes and washing.

What do you do when you have a Significant Other (SO) that is bitterly against your girlie side? You have to be sneaky, that’s what. I don’t feel guilty either, as that is such a waste of emotional energy; besides, if one partner makes unilateral decisions, with no compromises, then they are outside the guilty envelope. I do as much as I can to satisfy my girlyism without impinging on the SO’s sensibilities. Soaps, as in Coro Street, are brilliant. SO watches the soaps, and I go girly. The problem is, that I have to ration my time. I bought a do-it-yourself electrolysis machine, so nights spent using that, used up my girly time, when I could be dressing up. I do adore dressing up. Sometimes I go from one outfit to the next, spinning around to see what I look like, and then on to the next, other times I stay in one outfit, and do my nails or watch a video, or practice walking in my high heels.

Undies I hand wash, but my dresses I put in a regular wash. I put washes on too as well as my SO, as and when the wash basket is full, and my SO is used to this. I choose a time such that it is highly unlikely that she will empty the machine and not me. The zanussi machine spins clothes almost dry, so I hang them up in one of my cupboards, and hey presto, it’s sorted.

Entry for 04 November 2008 Links are not Us

I’m not a techno babe, and as far as I am concerned, computers and soft ware should be as easy to use as a TV set or a hammer. I have an extremely low boredom threshold, and a hammer is my tool of choice for fixing hang ups on computers; sadly, Jay bought my last one and has confiscated the hammer.

The help file for this site explained that just typing a URL in my blog will get it recognised by the software. Lie number one. It also explained how to make text already entered into a link. I tried this out, and nothing happened, – until I’d slagged off the software and posted it, then it changed colour and started working. I’d forgotten that I’d put a link in the blog roll box, which did work. Why don’t we have box for my favourite links like other sites? Or have I missed that?

Just as well that we can edit these blogs when we find we’ve been a silly moo.