Entry for 04 November 2008 Links are not Us

I’m not a techno babe, and as far as I am concerned, computers and soft ware should be as easy to use as a TV set or a hammer. I have an extremely low boredom threshold, and a hammer is my tool of choice for fixing hang ups on computers; sadly, Jay bought my last one and has confiscated the hammer.

The help file for this site explained that just typing a URL in my blog will get it recognised by the software. Lie number one. It also explained how to make text already entered into a link. I tried this out, and nothing happened, – until I’d slagged off the software and posted it, then it changed colour and started working. I’d forgotten that I’d put a link in the blog roll box, which did work. Why don’t we have box for my favourite links like other sites? Or have I missed that?

Just as well that we can edit these blogs when we find we’ve been a silly moo.

One Response to “Entry for 04 November 2008 Links are not Us”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Any text you want here is a web site html link

    for example The BBC

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