Entry for 06 November 2008 Clothes and washing.

What do you do when you have a Significant Other (SO) that is bitterly against your girlie side? You have to be sneaky, that’s what. I don’t feel guilty either, as that is such a waste of emotional energy; besides, if one partner makes unilateral decisions, with no compromises, then they are outside the guilty envelope. I do as much as I can to satisfy my girlyism without impinging on the SO’s sensibilities. Soaps, as in Coro Street, are brilliant. SO watches the soaps, and I go girly. The problem is, that I have to ration my time. I bought a do-it-yourself electrolysis machine, so nights spent using that, used up my girly time, when I could be dressing up. I do adore dressing up. Sometimes I go from one outfit to the next, spinning around to see what I look like, and then on to the next, other times I stay in one outfit, and do my nails or watch a video, or practice walking in my high heels.

Undies I hand wash, but my dresses I put in a regular wash. I put washes on too as well as my SO, as and when the wash basket is full, and my SO is used to this. I choose a time such that it is highly unlikely that she will empty the machine and not me. The zanussi machine spins clothes almost dry, so I hang them up in one of my cupboards, and hey presto, it’s sorted.

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