Entry for 08 November 2008 Sunday Fun

Sunday’s are my favourite days, as I get to do all the women’s things. I always dress smart on Sunday’s, as it is nice to set one day as special in the week. ‘Smart’ means wearing my best jeans, a favourite shirt, (the nearest thing to a blouse of course) and my best trainers, (which are girl trainers). I pamper my gorgeous wife (MGW) all day. It starts with a cooked breakfast of grilled bacon, fried (1 cal spray) egg, chopped tomato’s and fried mushrooms, (in olive oil). Vanilla cappuccino for elevenses. Lunch is our main meal; I can cook pies, chicken pieces, mince meals, casseroles, and even a joint, (lamb being a favourite), or fish and chips. For tea we have a plate of cut fruit, salad veg, and a slice of meat and cheese with a round of toast.

Sunday is our day for doing the Telegraph and Mail crosswords. We do as much as we can out of our heads before hitting the reference books, and if there are some clues left after that we hit the net. It’s a lazy day of togetherness, and pampering MGW. The one thing that would make it perfect would be to do all my fun tasks en femme.

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