10 November 2008 Lipstick

I had to go into town last week to the bank, and as I normally do, when out and about un-chaperoned, I headed for the girls departments in the stores. I was tempted to buy some lipstick, which would be my first purchase of an item of self decoration. I blew it before I got to the counter, but I stopped off at Lidl for some groceries, and bought a new bra. It has a preformed shape, and doesn’t need any internal padding. It gives me a delightful smooth bosom shape. Today I drove Jay to her dentist and went into the local chemist, and actually did it; I bought my first lipstick. I was embarrassed, as ever when I buy anything girlie, but never mind, I’ll get used to it one day.

I got home with Jay and immediately headed upstairs to try it out. The colour, Rimmel’s ‘Indulgence’ even looks presentable; as I have no sense of colour, I was expecting the worst. I had to wipe it all off straight away, but this evening I am dressed en femme, and wearing my new lipstick. I only get an hour tonight, but it just feels so marvellous, I’ll be on cloud nine for a few days at least.

In some ways it feels a bit sad that such a small step give so much pleasure, but on the other hand, I should get plenty more getting to my femme incarnation when it happens.

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