12 November 2008 Lipstick and Towels

I’m sitting en femme with my lippo on, and that is the funny side of today’s blog. Monday evening saw me trying out the lipstick again during my en femme window. It was a super feeling, using it, even if I didn’t get it on to my satisfaction. Not to worry, I have a whole tube of the delightful stuff to practice with. It wasn’t until we were about to go to bed that I realised I hadn’t taken the lipstick off. Luckily we keep the lounge quite dimly lit, although there are 460 watts of light available. I popped into the bathroom, and what did I see, nothing. I obviously didn’t put it on thick enough, and the teas and colas had washed it off. I’ll try to remember to take it off tonight. It has a very nice taste.

I’m feeling a bit sad and tense tonight. Jay is trying to ban me from wearing a towel girlie style, high over my boobs, or what sadly masquerades as boobs on this annoying male personage, and just under my armpits. She said ‘I can’t stand you flouncing around like that’, when I joined her in the kitchen after my shower. I’ve been ‘flouncing’ about like this for 6 years, ever since I came out to her. Her sister stayed with us in September, and I was waiting for her to come out of the shower, and I was towelled up as usual, and she gave me a funny look, so perhaps she had a chat with Jay about it and me. I am surprised I suppose that I’ve been lucky to get away with it so long, but I’m a bag of nerves again, butterflies in the tummy, wondering if she is going to start taking an interest in my other girlie things.

Jay has been uptight about me waxing my legs, (I just adore waxing, I’d like to do my whole body), and banned me from removing my chest hair, which I did on day 1. I compromise there, as I have got a vee of clear plucked skin so I can wear open vee neck blouses, or guys shirts, without showing any hair. She checks on the chest zone quite regularly, disguised as a friendly fondle. She doesn’t like it if my vee gets too big. I keep the backs of my hands and tops of my feet waxed too. Every so often I add my shoulders and upper arms to the list too. Perhaps I should enrol for waxing-anonymous.

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