30 November 2008 A Wii girl and names.

I can’t believe I’m p**d off over a game. Our daughter is going to be doing things geological in the Mediteranean over Xmas, and so she and her partner came for a long weekend, and we had an early Xmas; turkey, giant cracker, presents, and played games. The girls eventually talked Mrs A into having a Wii as a Xmas gift, although she thought it would be a dead donkey as soon as the girls left. So off they went, found Tesco’s, and the Wii. It came with 1 hand sets, so they bought three more, one of which had another disc of games with it. Did we like it?

I’ll tell you in a minute.

The coast is clear again. Did we like the Wii? It is amazing, and it’s not just that the game is fun, (10 pin bowling that is, our fave), but all the sounds, the general hubhub around you, the vignettes of other people in the ally and in the lanes beside yours, is so well done. So why am I p**d off?. Well, the girls don’t know about Anna, and I would have so liked to have had a Mii, (that’s a Wii avatar you build for yourself, and it plays in all your games), with my female name and a female face and body; although I must say a Mii body is a very cartoonish persona, but it does the job. How sad is that, a girl mooning over a missing Mii.

Actually, names are very fascinating, especially when they are ones you have chosen yourself. That seems like a good subject for the next blog. To get back to the visit; the whole long weekend was fantastic otherwise. I love being surrounded by women anyway, but as usual in these things, there was lots of repartee and laughter, and the girls treated us to a pub meal through the mountains at Betws-Y-Coed. I did the cooked breakfast bit which ended up more like lunch because the girls are not early risers; Mrs A did the Xmas dinner, and the girls introduced me to a new wine, (a red, which was actually drinkable, (yes, I am not a fan of red wine – yet)).

My favourite transgender site: Angels Forum

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