29 December 2008 Wasn’t Xmas Fun

It was fun, but not as Anna. A houseful of people, wife, sons, and niece-in-law, but no Anna. Well, that’s a bit of a lie, as Anna is always here, because she’s me, inside me and just dieing to get out. The closest she came to showing her face was when we tried a new game disc on the Wii – boules and beach volley ball. I chose a cute little girl with pigtails, – ok then, not that cute, and Mrs A vetoed that! Only to be expected really, but I nearly got away with it. I found a dark skinned androgynous Mii instead, was which was fine. Anna lost both games, but she’s a whizz at ten-pin bowling.

We had to make do with a small amount of time in the hobbies room, where I’d gone to copy some crosswords; we do the general knowledge ones, in a mild competitive way. I put a pair of Anna’s shoes on, not much, but something at least. I adore my shoes. Sad though isn’t it, where half an hour of almost nothing feels so nice. I’d like the rest of the family to know about Anna, so I wouldn’t need all the subterfuge and lieing, but then I’d need a new wife, and I can’t give her up, as regular readers will know.

I got caught by the sons when I was on the Angels forum. I hadn’t been on it for days, and I just threw caution to the winds and nipped in. Hopefully they will have forgotten about it before inquisitiveness takes hold and they do a google search. I had a horrible sleepless night, stomach in knots, but nothing was said the next morning. With a bit of luck, the status quo will be maintained I suppose. I should moan really, as we had loads of fun, repartee, chat, food, some drink; my lovely sisters text us with well wishes, so all in all, we are well blessed.

If you have any gay friends visit this new on line magazine, it’s brilliant.

Polari Magazine

In fact it’s interesting even for us straight guys and girls. Start with Clementine – she is hilarious.

Now that I’ve cheered you all up, I’m off. It’s my turn to cook the evening meal, and I fancy fish and chips, and no, it’s not the easy option – we like fish and chips!!!

Hugs Anna xx

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