Entry for 30 January 2009

I started my blog here on Yahoo 360, and it is a very nice system, but there are stories abounding that it is going to be shut down. Don’t ask me why, I don’t care, but I am miffed, because as I just said, I like it there. I’ve just spent an hour cutting and pasting my Yahoo blog into Google, my new one. I’m keeping this going in parrellel for a while, for my regular readers – hi sis.

Things haven’t gone too badly since the phone call hiccouugh, except we had a second phone call hiccough. I sent my friend an email saying I’d ring her at a certain time, made available by Jay being out having a hair cut, or she could ring me. I tried to get through and just got rubbishy error messages, so I sent an email saying I couldn’t get through, and I’d try another time. When I didn’t ring, she checked her emails and found the penultimate one and so she rang me. You can guess what happened, Jay is now home, and we were just going out for a drive, and she answered the phone. Stoney silence from Jay for next few days. We are back to our usual chatty cuddly huggy twosome again now, but I must get a system in place for the phone calls.

Watch this space. Hugs Anna x

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04 January 2009 Phone Calls are Not Us

I have been chatting to a lovely lady from New Zealand via The Angels Forum, and it’s chat room, and today she rang me. We had arranged it by email, and I was hoping that a real person with similar back ground to me, who had made the transision to female would kind of get her round to not thinking she was living a horror story. Wrong! I’m her worst nightmare reincarnated. As I have mentioned somewhere before, I hate these discussions, as I always end up losing a bit more of Anna’s time, or Anna’s influence, as she has that trump card – ‘You are hurting me by doing this – so please stop it’, and who can resist the woman you love, suffering in pain and anquish, asking such a simple request?

My sis told me that Jay was scared of losing me, so Jay won’t budge a micron on the issue; but I told Sis that not budging is more likely to finish me off than anything else. I have sisters 3 by the way; all of completely different temperments, but all, both delightful and special, in their own ways. You’ll never know which is which though as I always speak of them in the singular, if it’s good enough for the big bang, it’s good enough for me. Jay complained than sis gives me more support than her, and that our GP gives me more support then her; but when I suggested she got support from one of the organisations around, she said, ‘Not flipping likely, they’ll only try to make me give in to you!’

So things aren’t looking too good. My normal response is to lie low a bit, keep Anna out of sight, and then gently ease her back into life. Jay doesn’t know about Anna, as an identity that is, but after this morning she probably does. I say probably, as she was in such a flaming mood, she might have missed that bit.

Jay knitted me a lovely long jumper for Xmas, and it makes a super mini dress. I really do need a wig though, to finish everything off, and then perhaps I’ll stick it on Flkr.

Enjoy the New Year, Hugs Anna