Entry for 30 January 2009

I started my blog here on Yahoo 360, and it is a very nice system, but there are stories abounding that it is going to be shut down. Don’t ask me why, I don’t care, but I am miffed, because as I just said, I like it there. I’ve just spent an hour cutting and pasting my Yahoo blog into Google, my new one. I’m keeping this going in parrellel for a while, for my regular readers – hi sis.

Things haven’t gone too badly since the phone call hiccouugh, except we had a second phone call hiccough. I sent my friend an email saying I’d ring her at a certain time, made available by Jay being out having a hair cut, or she could ring me. I tried to get through and just got rubbishy error messages, so I sent an email saying I couldn’t get through, and I’d try another time. When I didn’t ring, she checked her emails and found the penultimate one and so she rang me. You can guess what happened, Jay is now home, and we were just going out for a drive, and she answered the phone. Stoney silence from Jay for next few days. We are back to our usual chatty cuddly huggy twosome again now, but I must get a system in place for the phone calls.

Watch this space. Hugs Anna x

see http://annaarendt.blogspot.com/

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