Sulks before breakfast.

Jay put a hot wash on the night before, and as I threw in some towels, I put in a pair of panties too. Jay does that, it is meant to spruce them up a bit. Jay always sleeps in later than me, so I didn’t think it would be a problem – wrong!

It’s 10 past 6am the next morning, no Jay in the bed, so I guess she is in the bathroom – I doze off and awake 15 minutes later – still no Jay. I sit up and look out of the window and Jay has hung my panties on the line and is staring at them in a concentrative pose. Hmm .. I’ll play dumb at see what happens. A sulking moody Jay is what happens, as she comes in and asks me if the underwear is mine.

‘Yes’ I say, as nonchalantly as possible.

‘I don’t want your clothes in with mine – do you understand’?

That’s got to be a result – sulks but no fireworks.

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