A visit to Kent and Yorkshire

This is a tale of our recent travels to Kent and Yorkshire; a ‘visit the relations’ kind of trip, (in Bob mode as I’m still in that darn closet, and not even a hint of light around the door). We also went to relax a bit, but seeing that I am retired already on health grounds, you might think my life is just one session of relaxing, and so it is mostly.

You won’t want to read about everything we did, but there were a couple of interesting happenings. On our first visit to mum, (she’s 93, but her house is like a sauna, and not disable friendly, which is hard on Jay ); anyway, there we are at the door, I let us in and call, ‘Coohee’ or some trite thing, and this strange voice calls out. Mums Wednesday girl (WG) is there, who I don’t remember meeting before, but obviously I knew of her. WG goes in once a week; takes mum her money; takes her out if mum feels up to it; chats and sorts things out. What a lovely women. Jay is chatting to mum, and WG and I are talking about hairy arms and legs; wow –  how girly is that. I was in shorts and I still have hairless patches that have never grown back after my experiments with waxing. (Jay has banned waxing now). I just felt so feminine too, it was delightful. Every waking moment should feel like that. WG is an old school friend of my youngest sister – I might quizz her on WG later – I’m dieing to know if she sussed me out, as no one else has. When I see pictures of myself, in Bob mode, I often wonder why no one else sees the girl in me trying to get out.

We got back to sis-in-law and her No. 2 son was there with his partner, and 2 gorgeous daughters from his first partnership. What his new partner – he met her on the net, – yes reallly!! – sees in him I just don’t know – she’s very nice. He comes out with some right macho things – (he’s an MCP you see) – and when he does I take great delight in siding with the girls. I was a died in the wool feminist even before being gender dysphoric. So .. we had a chinese takeaway, did lots of chatting .. and they left mid evening.

Part two of our trip was to take sis-in-laws daughter back to Yorkshire. Because our house is disable friendly, we had been looking after her while she recovered from her hip op. So there we are, in our bedroom in Kent, and Jay decided that it would be a good idea to repack our cases, so that in Yorkshire we need only take one case out of the car. Problem – my femme underwear in my case, and it’s my case she wants to use!. I tried to put her off, but she wanted to do it THEN. I managed to heave everthing out of the case, and repack some clothes with the underwear between them. I went back later after Jay had finished add her clothing, and moved them to a safer place.

So … that’s my little story. We are back home .. all alone .. and it’s a delight .. except for one thing .. I wish I could have joined every one at Sparkle .. not to be this year .. but who knows, next year, or the one after perhaps .. I can but dream. I can’t wait to read everyone’s blogs – so get typing girls. I’ve copied this from my diary on Transliving by the way.

3 Responses to “A visit to Kent and Yorkshire”

  1. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna

    Did I know you had a diary on Transliving? maybe you should include the link on your blog roll if that is possible.

    You always seem to be getting caught out viz your underwear. I am sure Jay has sussed you out by now. She may not like it but if she is not constantly fighting it, she may be putting up with it.

    Can a TS be a MCP? Do we only have one personaility? Do we always act the same way? I am sure that I am attuned differently when a girl, so that might just confirm I am not TS. But on the other hand a TS when dressed a a guy might be frustrated and hateful, while soft and soporirific when showing in her true gender?????

    I am sure lots of men have bald patches on their legs, especially where trousers rub. It is always nice though to relate to women on a 1-to-1 basis.


    Tina xx

  2. Anna Arendt Says:

    I don’t know about linking yet – at least, not ones you have to make yourself, LoL. I don’t think Transliving posts are readable when not logged in. It doesn’t work for me anyway.

    Twin personalities eh Tina. Hmm, I hadn’t postulated that, but I guess I should have. We all act a bit different under varying circumstances.

    Thanks for your posts Tina. I’m having problems with Anna’s blog here, I can’t add anything at the moment. The Blogmobile is working though.

    Hugs Anna x

  3. Anna Arendt Says:

    What a muppet, I woke up during the night and my first thought was – I do do linking. I think I must have been thinking about the links you made to a photo on another site – now that I don’t do. Especially if it’s quicker to just upload off one’s computer.

    Now I’ve said that I’ve got a counter argument – that it’s fun just doing the same thing different ways, just to learn new skill, which is fun in itself.

    Hugs Anna x

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