Eyeshadow, Lists, and Flack

I’ve been up to no good again. I have bought some eye shadow, and with my droopy eyelids you can’t see much of it, and just as well you’ll be thinking.

Since our last trip to the relatives in Kent and Essex, Jay has been whinging about the length of my fingernails. I admit they are longer than the average Bob nails, but a girl needs something pretty about their personage. Just to prove that Jay can’t have the last word on everything, I wanted to do something covert, and it’s just so much fun to experiment. Like the lipstick experiment, I wasn’t expecting to have it on very long, but when I tried applying the eye shadow, two things were very obvious; the droopy lids as just mentioned, and the colours I chose – a brown and light brown. I chose them because my son said that for most people, browns are the best colour. At least, thats what I think he said, and as I was in Aldi, unchaperoned – LoL – I took the opportunity to buy something girlie, and this looked like a good choice.
The darker of the two browns is only a trifle darker than my own skin colour, and tucked in under the eye brows, it doesn’t show up. So if it doesn’t show up, why am I doing it – because I can. It’s nice to practice with something innocuous too, and as I hinted at just now, it’s sort of gives me the feeling that I am one up on Jay. I’ve been out shopping in the village today too, and just to be out and about with something girlie on is sort of emboldening.

I was chatting the other day about eyebrows. On my visit around the relatives, I did a bit of eyebrow research, and I discovered what? That I have married into a family with ugly eyebrows – in fact, mine are the prettiest. Really!

Tina was chatting on her blog about her list of firsts. It was a gorgeously long list and I don’t think I could claim more than a couple of them for myself – if I stretch a point or two –LoL. Then I popped into Demi’s blog, and she had a list – but hers was from the other side so to speak – this was a list of things to aim at doing – and I had a few of those. She was actually writing a letter to someone who had left her a comment, ( I think, but check it out yourself), and so she was writing this, hoping the person would come back and read it. It’s a very nice read too. Hmmm, I guess that’s more home work eh?

Jess and I have a problem with labels – me, partly as I don’t always understand what they mean exactly, – and both of us, because people use the labels to isolate and denigrate various other parts of the T community. It seems to me that the Trans community is where the gay community was 20 or more years ago. The gay and lesbian groups have overcome a lot of the abuse and discrimination that used to be showered on them, and hopefully we can do the same. The problem is, those who stand up for us, seem to come in for a lot of stick, and perversely, a lot of it seems to come from within the T groups. This is a shame, as it’s bad enough coping with transphobics etc. with out dealing with a lot of flack from t-girls. Some of the flack comes from within the LBGT ubergroup, and you would have thought, seeing how much the LBGs in it have had to put up with, they would be more sympathetic. My immediate lesbian and gay friends, who don’t know I’m trans incidentally, don’t appear to be transphobic, but some of the high profile LBGs are certainly overcritical of individual t-girls. I’ve got a lot of help from Angels and Transliving, but you can’t rely on 100% support even from the girls there either, if you stick your head up over the parapet. There is a lot of criticism on hand every where it seems. I guess the flack only comes from a minority of people, but the are certainly vociferous.

Hugs Anna

Demi’s bit                                   http://demilautrec.blogspot.com/2009/09/buried-messages-from-mouths-of-babes.html
Jess’s bits which will explain my last ramblings      http://jessicas-ramblings.blogspot.com/2009/10/little-boxes.html

2 Responses to “Eyeshadow, Lists, and Flack”

  1. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna
    Nice post, lots of topics!!

    It made me smile that you feel you can get away with eye shadow because it doesn’t show but that it makes you feel better. All I can say is if it makes you feel better and you are sure that no-one will notice do it – but be careful.

    I remember once putting on clear nail varnish and then coming down to dinner. A-M spotted it immediately and was not a happy bunny!

    I like Demi’s blog, but until last week seemed a bit out of the blog scene, so need to do some catching up!!

    We may be the place that the gay scene was 20 years ago, but to me the big difference is that the public is generally going to be able to spot a tranny, whereas the reverse is true for the gay population. Occasionally yes, but gays do not have to be ‘out’ and most are not. By definition a tranny that goes out is out, lol.

    Finally there is always lots of sniping, I’m never sure why, but I guess it is human nature. I try not to let it worry me!!

    TinaCortina xx

  2. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Tina,

    Jay is ok with my nails being buffed and shiny, because, when I came down with my nails done like that the other day, she actually said buffing was fine, but she had better not find me with varnish on. Hmm, I wonder if I could get away with doing my toes – LoL. I’d never be able to take my socks off.

    I hadn’t actually taken that on board – gays not needing to be ‘out’, but we do, if we get to be what we are.

    I find the sniping sad.

    Hugs Anna x

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