Hysteresis, and some cross-dressing – at last!

There was a very interesting program on the Open University umpteen years ago, and it used a 3D graph that explained how people react to events. Why is it interesting? Because it explained why, when you upset your partner big time, the explosion doesn’t come until sometime later, but when it does, you actually have to improve a huge amount, (be amazingly contrite etc), before they flip back to cheerfulness. Flipping describes it just right too. There is something similar in science and maths called hysteresis, where the effects of an action, trail behind that action. So, calling your partner a silly moo today, may bring a big problem tomorrow.

It’s hysteresis that has proved my undoing. Over several years, I was gradually cultivating my feminine traits, and I thought I was doing very well, especially as I hadn’t had any adverse feedback from Jay. By this, I mean I was doing it full time. Then one day, she noticed that Bob wasn’t that Bobish, I guess – and kaboom. Retracting some of the femininity did no good; I had to go almost all the way back to Bobsville. The kaboom happened after a visit from my lovely sister-in-law, so she may have awoken Jay to all those small changes I had made. I adore them both, so I can’t blame them, can I? I haven’t a plan yet of where to go from here though, but I’m not giving up my cross dressing time, and my yearning to explore and show off my femininity.

Talking of cross dressing, did I mention that I have been practicing wearing my wig? and that I caught an image of myself in the mirror – and that I looked like my daughter. She’s lovely, and quite pretty, so that’s no bad thing. The other night, I had my first big dress up since the broken wrist saga – I have been a bit reluctant to do any cross dressing really, but I didn’t let that worry me. First I had another wow! moment. I put the eye shadow on – properly this time, both shades, right up to the eyebrows. The brown was neat, but when you add the other, light colour, it all changes and looks – glorious. Then the other night, I decided to do eye shadow, wig, nylons, bra and everything. I was dressed in my favourite long skirt and blouse, sashaying about the room in my high heels, watching my image in the mirror, when I just smiled at the whole thing – and my features changed, and I just looked so utterly feminine, it was gorgeous. If I can capture that on camera, Ill plaster it all over my sites. So watch this space.

Wigs – a girl was asking on Angels, ‘How do other CDs cope with the head temperature, when they wear a wig all day?’ I’d like to know too – LoL. I couldn’t wear my current, cheap and horrible, wig outside though, as I think it’s a bit too big and loose. Noeleena gave me a site that does nice wigs, and sooner or later I will have to get something decent, and that means expensive – well, to me it does – LoL.


Hugs to every one, Anna

8 Responses to “Hysteresis, and some cross-dressing – at last!”

  1. Angela Davis Says:

    Crumbs, I remember that OU programme too!

    I’d had a couple of wigs before the present one but was never really happy with them. Then I must have driven the poor pfolk at Fantasy Girl to drink, ordering a wig, sending it back, ordering another, sending it back… and ending up in floods of tears. Their advice was the best I’ve ever been given – go to a tg-friendly wig supplier and take their advice.

    It took ages for me to pluck up the courage to pick up the phone and talk to Wescrountry Wigmakers. The wig I eventually came away with was nothing like my old ones and certainly not a style and colour that I’d have chosen myself, but I can honestly say that it’s transformed my life. And contrary to what I expected, it wasn’t expensive – about £65.

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Angela,

      £65 seems very reasonable. I didn’t want to pay that much and find I’d bought something unsuitable – so I bought 2 cheapies, for half the price, and they both seemed unsuitable. It may be I’ve gone from crewcut to shoulder length in one go, and the brain can’t cope – LoL.

      Hugs Anna.

  2. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna

    It seems on the one hand you’ve had a major explosion necessitating contrition if not total withdrawal of Anna, but on the other hand you have had the best quality Anna time ever. Well that’s cool, especially if you can look 20-30 years younger just in one go.

    I’ve rarely had a problem with head temperature in wigs during the day, ok yes if I sleep in it, or if it is really really hot. That might be just the types I’ve bought. I’m surprised you can’t adjust your wig size.

    I’ve loads of wigs cos unlike Angie, I’ve never returned any that I’ve bought, and usually, (always?) there is something within the wig cap, the lacy bit, that allows you to tighten or loosen. I don’t think I have ever adjusted mine and the only time I even vaguely though it might fall off was when driving my wife’s convertible with the roof off!! Thats was so much fun, but unfortunately she has changed cars now.

    Just a matter of interest, what types of wig do you like. I’ve several shorter ones, blondish that A-m thinks look wrong on me.

    TinaCortina xx

  3. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Tina,

    Yes, it feels like Anna’s getting squeezed out. But I’m back doing little girle bits: a shrug here; a spin there; a leaning on my crossed legs, legs as near parallel as possible. I’m more feminine outside the house than in. I especially like it when I’m walking to the paper shop, mind in daydream mode, and I come too, and realise I’m in feminine mode – just bliss. I don’t know what the neighbours think – but I guess, if I’m not subtle enough, they’ll just think I’m gay.

    I favour the shorter ones. I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and go to a wig fitter in person. I’ve been thinking along these lines for ages, and I was wondering if there was someone suitable near Ashford of Hythe. I have stood outside a hairdressers in New Romney a few times now, but I’ve not dared go in and ask if they could help – LoL.

    Hugs Anna xx

  4. helenchapel Says:

    Hi Anna
    I just found your blog today from Angie’s blog who we have been sharing comments for just a week or so. I feel for your situation and I truly hope there will be enough space in your life for both your crossdressing and the best possible relationship with your wife.

    I have a couple of wigs but Im not totally happy with either of them although one is definately my favourite. I hope to come back later and share more
    take care helen

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Helen,

      So nice to see to you – and your new blog. It is so much fun – not so much one’s own blog, but mostly from reading everyone elses. You could hop from blog to blog all night – and I do sometimes – LoL.

      Looking forward to bumbing into you again.

      Hugs Anna.

  5. Helen Chapel Says:

    Hi Anna
    haven’t heard from you r.e. posts for a while,
    hope you are OK and well?
    take care

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Helen, thanks for your enquiry.

      Yes, I haven’t had much to chat about in the last month, and by now you’ll have realised I’m a techno muppet, as I think I’ve left 2 almost identical comments on your blog – LoL.

      Hugs Anna

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