Eyebrows, Legs, and Gossip


Eyebrows are a bit like chair legs – I made a stool at school, and it sat square as can be – but if you get one that doesn’t sit square, it’s the devils own job to get the legs the same length agian, all round. It’s the same with my eyebrows. I get them almost right, when I think it only needs one more pluck, one more hair to sort it out; but – pulling it out leaves a gaping hole. OK, perhaps not GAPING, but the aesthetic line I was after has gone. To get the shape back then takes some serious plucking, and serious  plucking isn’t appreciated by Jay. But now I’ve found the antidote to the white skin, that plucking leaves behind – yes, it’s my eye-shadow. By chance I have got just the right colour to dab on the offending areas, and disguise all my efforts. Ok, perhaps one week is too short a time to claim absolute success, but if Time Team can postulate the existence of a Roman villa from finding just one tessera, then I can do some heavy postulating of my own – LoL.

Did I mention the problem with epilating one’s legs? Not the – don’t do that problem! – but the problem with hairs growing under the skin as they head for the light. My lady GP suggested using an exfoliating wash with one of those balls of nylon mesh. This did reduce the problem a bit, but the thing that cured the problem, was using one of those ‘silky mitts’ – sandpaper for rubbing your legs. Used every few days, it keeps the hair holes open, so they pop out, ready for the next waxing. Some of them don’t re-grow, and I’ve lost two thirds of my shin hair. I keep hoping the rest will give up too – LoL.
You know those little homilies that people add to there signatures, which can be quite entertaining, as you browse the forums and blogs – a recent fave; Only dead fish go with the flow. Well, my best favourite one, that I’ve seen being used on Angels Forum is – It’s easier to get forgiveness, than to get permission – and that is so like life, as we, (I), know it. I do do things on a whim, on the spur of the moment, without a thought for consequences etc. If I stop to think or plan – then it’s not going to happen – I’ll get cold feet first -LoL.
Lists were to the forefront earlier recently, – we were talking about a list of ‘Firsts’ and I said I could only manage a couple of items if I tried hard. Tina knew I must have more than that, and I must admit, I was exaggerating my lack of ‘firsts’ for editorial effect. Some of my firsts were oncers; for example, I’d been to ma’s, and headed back to my sister’s-in-law place via Tescos, and I had come away with a top and bra. So as it was a dark, 5 pm on a late winter’s afternoon, I put them on and went for a stroll around New Romney. I just adored the frisson, and only got one strange look, when I got sussed getting back into my car.
The current trend among my lovely bloggers is fascinating too. Tina was chatting about respect, which is a key word in our family – something we tried to instil into the terrible trio – and we blame the ills of the world on lack of respect. I was chattering about wanting some acceptance, and Demi has been chatting about the responsibilities we have for our partners and families. The subjects are all interlinked I think, as we all need a bit of all three. Looks like you’ve got homework again.

Hugs to you all, Anna.


4 Responses to “Eyebrows, Legs, and Gossip”

  1. Chooperen Says:

    True words, some unadulterated words man. You rocked my day.

  2. Angie Davis Says:

    Thanks for mentioning Silkymits, Anna. I’ve never heard of them before, but now I see that I can pick them up from Boots… and I’ve just been given a £10 Boots Voucher 🙂

    Like you, I epilate and most of the hairs behave themselves. The worst ones for growing under the skin are on the tops of my legs… or rather they were!

    Thanks again,

  3. Anna Arendt Says:

    It’s a pleasure Angie. Our Wilkinsons has a good selection of ladies creams, hair dyes, make-up etc, and they sell them too.

    Hugs, Anna

  4. spielen roulette Says:

    Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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