More make-up tips ? or not!!!

This posting was going to be, “Anna and the easy way to do Make-up”. OK, not quite easy make-up, but easy eye-shadow. It had been going so well, the eye shadow, until I tried using two colours together. To be fair, it did look good the first time, ooohhh, but the second time, it looked awful. What about eye-liner you may ask – it looked like some one had borrowed a black line off a zebra crossing – it was even more aaawful. And the mascara stuff, it went on fairly well, …… but, it was bright blue. OK, ok, there was a tiny label saying – electric blue – but as it had a bar code on it too, I thought it was just the pricing label. All the Rimmel stuff seems to be in black bottle things; no colour coding at all.

Oh my goodness, but it was, well is, fun. I’m hooked on make-up. So I guess the time will come eventually, when I’ll be going for the, (fanfare), makeover. If I had had another girl with me to share the fun, it would have been even more hilarious.

I hadn’t realised that I would need to be an artist to get the best out of my make-up. I have found that Nivea body moisturiser makes a good foundation cream. The eye shadow is bolder and darker when I’ve moisturised my face first. It’s handy too, for keeping eyebrows neat and tidy, and if your hold-ups have lost there tackiness before you’ve laddered them, then a dab or two or three around the thigh before you put them on, keeps them in place quite nicely. Probably not worth trusting for an evening out on the town, (village – LoL), without doing a wear test, but it was ok at home. You’ll want to wear your best ones when you go out, anyway.

Yes, I know, genetic girls (gg’s) wouldn’t wear hold-ups under their jeans at home, but sometimes I just need the cosiness of having something feminine on. And on that note, I wish every one a merry Xmas, and may your desires come true in 2010. May your god or guiding spirit, go with you. Hugs, Anna.