To smell like a Blackberry – don’t be silly, I mean the fruity thing.

I adore perfumes, and favoured female ones long before I realised I was more girl than bob. By the time I was 45, I was trying those ‘testers’ in chemists and department stores, whenever one came within reach, and those sample patches too, in woman’s magazines. I was still into tester testing 15 years later, and if you remember a post I wrote – I tried something outrageously overpowering while shopping with Jay – and she promptly banned any further testing. When I’m with her anyway. But why am I smelling like a blackberry?

The key to smelling like a blackberry is to buy budget brands of shower gel. Better still, buy the version of the shower gel you like, but in bath gel. It seems to be the same stuff, but you get a lot more for your money. Decant it into your shower gel container, because that has a smaller hole; the bath gels have huge mouths, and you don’t want to waste it unnecessarily.

I came across Sainsbury’s lilac scented gels, and it became my fave. There is a store near mum, in Kent, and as I had forgotten to pack my shower gel on our last visit, I nipped in to get some of the delightful stuff. So – I’m standing in front of a selection of bath gels, I see what I think is a lilac coloured gel, grab and go. When I get to the car, and see it in natural light, it is obviously not lilac, it’s blue – again. But it’s cheap and cheerful, smells sort of sweet, so it’ll do. Later, back at base, I have a shower, and where ever I go afterwards, I can smell blackberries – and it is me. I wanted something called ‘sweet lilac crème bath’ in their Soothe Me’ range; what I got was in the new range packaged as ‘Crème Bath’ and the aroma / smell concoction is called ‘sweet dreams’.

I can see what’s going through your mind; why didn’t she just look at the labels? Because I don’t remember names very well, and the only reason you have got the full titles is – I have got them beside me, as I write. The blackberry bath creme, by the way, froths up like no ones business – obviously a bubbly bath crème – LoL.

My other favourite shower smellies are; Palmolives Aroma Therapy with essential oils, of lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli; Radox Active herbal shower gel and shampoo with lemongrass and sea salt is gorgeous, but I haven’t seen that in anything else.

It’s an unfair world, is it not, that lets girls wear mens aftershave, (my daughter prefers that kind of thing – and was shocked when I said I liked girls perfumes), but frowns on men cross-smelling. Oh yes, and guess what? I actually like it now.

Have fun, hugs, Anna


Split Personalities and Time Sharing

I’ve seen it written before, that all though we T-girls talk of our time as Bob, or time as Anna, in my case, as though they were separate entities, in reality, they aren’t separate – it’s the time spent en femme or en Bob that’s separate. It does make it easy though for us to explain what is going on in our lives. And what has been going on in my life? – Flikr – that’s what. I only added our holiday snaps onto the Bob account so that family and friends could see what we’ve been up to, and marvel at our superb photos – or not. In truth, I don’t believe I’m a great photographer, but I can take great photos at times. Some of my better photos have attracted attention, and of course, I’ve discovered ‘favourites’. Hopping through peoples favourites opens up a wealth of gorgeous photos, and I’ve now got several contacts whose photos I enjoy viewing. My contacts are virtually all woman photographers, and some have only recently started doing photography, but they take lovely photos. I now check out my account every day to see if they have added new pics.

The problem is, I have been neglecting your blogs. That’s a lie, I’m up to-date with your blogs, but I haven’t had time to blog hop around your friends blogs, and their friends blogs and – you get the picture. Worse than that – I haven’t written my own blog – so you’ve noticed eh? I’ve had a part written one in the word processor for days!

So what has Anna been up to? Make-up, again. Late yesterday afternoon I put the mascara on – yes, the bright blue one, and my only one to date. In the low level lighting we use, it passed un-noticed, although it looked blatantly obvious when I put it on. I think people only see what they expect to see sometimes. I put the eye shadow on above my eyes now, just a little, but in view. The eye socket overhang keeps that bit shaded, so that’s a help – probably that’s a cheat too, but what the heck!

The thing with my time  sharing, is that doing girlie things has to be spread out. I put the full eye shadow on, plus a load of mascara the other night, and when I was finished and satisfied, it was into the shower, and off it came. If I’m doing make-up, plucking eyebrows or waxing for example, then I can’t also get dressed en femme. I’m not complaining, it’s just one of those things. Talking about eyebrows, hairs are now growing from previously harvested areas. What is interesting, is that they highlight how much I have raised the bottom limits – nearly a centimetre. Just as well it’s the centimetre under the overhang, and only becomes obvious when I raise my eyebrows in amazement.

I had a lovely Xmas by the way, with a few sad periods where I would have loved to have shouted – Hey kids, I’m really a girl.  To be fair, that didn’t ruin Xmas as we had lots of fun. I like to use my feminine side as much as possible, but no one seemed to notice when I did. You know the kind of thing, lounging girlie style, saying things with a girly lilt, under dressing, the eye shadow of course – but being en Bob can cover a multitude of delights.

There is possibly another reason no one notices – but I’m not going there – LoL.

Hugs and best wishes to you all, Anna x