Wigs by Post – or How I had a Cunning Plan

If you need cheering up, I hope this gives you a chuckle, I’m still smiling, 2 weeks later.

Those of you whom are regular readers, will recall from the comments department, that Tina offered to sell me one or two of her wigs. Noeleena sent me details of a good wig site, but as my en femme time is all closet, and very short in the time department, I didn’t want to spend a lot, so Tina’s offer had my vote.

Tina sent me some pics of the two wigs, and I rather fancied the blond one with dark highlights, (lowlights?), (streaks?). Now, here is the clever bit – no sniggering yet please – because I had a cunning plan!! Jay being about as anti-Anna as you can get, I needed to be sneaky, so I asked Tina to send me the wig, so that it would arrive while we were on holiday in Scotland. I’m always the first into the house when we get home, so I could scoop it up, with the rest of the mail, a yard high behind the door.

This year the camp wi-fi was on zero bar, occasionally going into one. I kept trying the laptop in various locations around the cottage, and in the second week got a few connections, two I had to duck out of quickly when Jay came into the open-plan lounge-kitchen, and once I actually got Tina on that Yahoo chat thing that pops up when you are checking your mail; well, we’d hardly swapped a couple of sentences and the link crashed out.

I needed an internet connection because my lovely sister-in-law (MLSiL), had flown to Prestwick with Ryan Air, (never again she said), and you have to book in by internet. So it’s day 3 or 4 of the two week holiday, and I drive to the restaurant, (they have wi-fi there, even though it’s closed for modernisation), complete with laptop and MLSiL. We get an instant connect, but hit a problem when it says ‘Press the print button to print out your boarding pass’. Nice one Ryan. Just then a couple of workers come out of the restaurant, and had a bit of a chuckle about us using their wi-fi. They pointed us in the direction of the Fort William library, who do internet stuff.

The Library staff were super, and we soon had a log-in, (free), and quickly had the printout, (20p). MLSiL goes off looking for slippers and I check Anna’s mail. There is one from Tina,, and she said “The wig is in an anonymous looking jiffy bag. It went through my letterbox at a push, so if it doesn’t go through yours, they’ll leave a note and you can collect it from the sorting office”. I’m mulling this over and I spot an email with Tina’s latest blog. I’m just reading this “Just a Tranny at heart” story when MLSiL is standing behind me saying that she couldn’t find any slippers. I hastily log out of it and off we go.

I spend the rest of the holiday mulling over the wig affair; unfortunately, our postie doesn’t do tickets; ours does the – leave it next door thing. I thought I needed a contingency plan, like where is the best lawyer, how do I split the car and the new digital TV, could I stay in the house and have the upper floor – no just kidding – but a little spanner was about to hit the works. On day 8 my right ankle swelled up, followed three days later by my left ankle, and they ballooned and made walking almost impossible. The A&E didn’t know what was happening, but gave me some Voltarol and told me to keep my legs up.

The rest of the holiday still went OK, Jay doing all the driving, and me on the back seat. On the drive home, I managed a couple of stints driving, and then I had a cunning plan. I delegated unloading the car to Jay, suggesting she piled everything on to the top step at the front door, and I’d heave them in from there. This got me into the house first, where I retrieved the jiffy bag and hid it. Later, with the luggage all indoors, Jay went off to the supermarket for some groceries, and I was up the stairs, quicker than a snail, to try the wigs on – yes, the lovely Tina had sent them both. I look my most feminine yet > pics to follow.

Tina bless her, let me set the price, and asked me to donate the monies to charity, rather than give it to her. Her charity was the breast cancer charity that Astrid is supporting in her moon walk. It’s my favourite charity too, so it’s kind of apt I think.

So, I have some homework for you girls – please visit Astrids site and if you feel empathy with her, help her on her way to her target. Thank you. No apologies for pushy though – LoL.

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