Feminine and Stats.

Au Revoir?
What a shame; I popped on the net to read your blogs, and when I got to Helen’s – no blog. No. I haven’t sent her an email, as I think that when someone cuts a link, then they obviously have their reasons, and I don’t want to be nuisance. I, and others no doubt, are worrying that things have gone badly wrong, but it could be as she mentioned in one of her last blogs, that she didn’t think it fitted in with her life (or something similar). I thoroughly enjoyed her blogs, as I enjoy all of yours too. If you pop on to the net and read this Helen, I hope you and your lovely wife are ok, and I wish you all the best.

Feminine days.
I’ve been going through one of those periods where I am very comfortable with my femininity, and for some reason, haven’t needed to crossdress, or be outwardly girlie. I’m still Anna in my head, but having a body completely at odds with my mental images hasn’t mattered. I got dressed last week for the first time for AGES – and it was glorious; a bit of make-up, my new wig, and some girlie style spectacles completed the ensemble. I took some photos with the camera built into the iMac (I still can’t get it to interact with my router), and the picture is back to front. Why? This weekend though, I’m back under-dressing. Being OK with Bob won’t last of course; next week, next month, I’ll be fed up again with being Bob on the outside all the time. I have been up here, in the hobby room, wearing my wig, and I suppose that’s pretty apt in a way; my head all girlie, and the body in Bob’s clothes. LoL. My dream is still to be able to dress girlie all the time, and do all those feminine things around the house, with proper clothes on.

Flickr Stats.
I’m hooked on stats. When we came back from the Scottish holiday, I only had 50 or so spare photo slots on Flickr left, and of course, I stuck 60 odd new photos on. Not wanting to take any off, I bought a Pro account, so I could display more than the 200 freebie limit – and – it comes with stats. I’m fascinated by which pics attract the most attention; all the various viewing figures, how many visits a day, and stuff. When I first got it, I kept popping on to see what was happening, umpteen times a day. The novelty has worn off a bit, plus, I decided to be sensible, and just check it out once a day. I’d just love to have loads of pics for Anna’s site too, but I don’t want to be boring. I’ll have to put some of my latest photos on though, now they are so easy to take. Hmmm, I suppose that means tidying up the hobbies room – LoL.

4 Responses to “Feminine and Stats.”

  1. Angie Davis Says:

    I was sorry to see Helen go, too. I felt we’d become quite good friends.

    Don’t know about you, but it’s only recently that my progression to womanhood as been at all smooth, albeit rather slow. In the past there have been times of progress, then doubts set in and I’ve purge my collection of clothes, then on I go again… then back… then on a bit more. Perhaps Helen is caught in the same cycle.

    Love, Angie xx

    ps. Lovely photo 🙂

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Thank you Angie.

      My progression is very slow, and I can’t see a way of getting past the hurdle that is Jay. But it’s my choice to stay with her, and put being a woman second, so I can’t complain too much can I. Purging hasn’t come to me yet, probably because I’m so low key – LoL. It’s a thing that a lot of girls go through though, or so it appears from the forums and blogs.

      I hope Helen gets or becomes what she wants. That would be nice, even if we don’t know about it.

      Love, Anna xx

  2. Helen Chapel Says:

    Thank you so much for remembering me. I don’t want to go into details here. I miss you all very much. I suddenly got unwanted attention from someone who I felt knew my ‘male’ identitiy. It was no-one on my blogroll or who had e-mailed me. But a link kept appearing in my stats that I traced back and realised who it was and knew I was not ready to have to deal with their interest. I would love to blog again but not now. I do show up from time to time to read and keep up with you all but not all the time as it upsets me.

    hope one day soon we can all link up again, my e-mail is above.


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