Eurovision Weekend – Out or Not Out

I’ve been so wanting to get this blog down for aaaages, and even tried to be sneaky, and use a BT FON link to the net while we were in Kent. My crafty plans came to next to nothing. I did get some time on the net, before the software struck back, and wouldn’t let me onto the net for 5 days – @$§*!

The Eurovision weekend? that was a heap of fun, with lots of chatting, drinking, eating, trips out and stuff – and —— boobs galore, or how to out yourself without really trying. I don’t know whether I am out, actually, but what a weekend.

Saturday was a lazy, Wii playing day, although the boys and I went on a quick shopping spree for extra groceries. We had a late tea, and filled in the time before Eurovision chatting, and watching our last three Scottish holidays with the Wii. We had got a score sheet off the Eurovision web site, and we had lots of wine and nibbles. We thought that there were a lot more decent songs this year, and five of us went for Deutschland’s Lena, as first choice, and she was second choice with the rebel. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening, and we thought the show was quite tasteful, and not brazenly OTT. The little voting cliques worked in our, (Lena’s), favour, as they spread the high points among the also-rans, when they gave Lena low scores. The girls had brought along a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with, should Deutschland win, so it was promptly cracked open, but I threw most of mine away after the initial toast, as I just can’t stand the stuff. Our U.T. daughter-in-law is German you see, but we are a fickle bunch, and we wouldn’t have voted for them if it hadn’t been any good – then we would have ribbed her mercilessly of course – LoL.

My first boob; the iMac photo booth; the guys and I were looking at the new iMac, when I clicked on the Photo Booth, there were 2 photos of me as Anna, in my new wig. You know how hard it is to follow what other people are doing on a computer, so hopefully I was too quick for the content of the pics to register on their brains, as it quickly hit me what the pics were, and I closed down that window faster than you can say, ‘Nice wig madam’– I could have sworn I’d removed all the pics, but as they say in the services, “Don’t assume – check.”

My son is a Firefox fan, and insisted on showing it to me, by loading it and running it. This proved a godsend, as they missed boob No.2. I came back to the machine when everyone was busy elsewhere, to check Anna’s mail. Clicked on Safari, clicked on my mail, – and – there I was, in Anna’s mail program, still logged in. It appears, that clicking on the little red button, doesn’t exit and quit the program, like windows does. It just shrinks the program, and leaves it ready to burst into life where you left off. Brilliant – if you know about it.

Number one son was on the iMac quite a bit by himself, soooooooo, hopefully he was engrossed in firefox, and didn’t come across Anna. Not much hope of finding out what he saw really, is there? without really letting the gal out of the closet.

Boob number 3; the grocery expedition – am I boring you? I hope not. I can’t help but chuckle about it all – as usual – LoL. Oh yes, No. 3. The boys wanted to pop into Lidl for a super offer on jelly babies. I left the guys outside Lidl, and headed off 75 yards to Aldi for the groceries, and to chose a new eye-shadow; well, it’s so marvellous being out un-chaperoned, that I like to grab the chance of a girlie purchase when I get the chance. You can picture me, at the checkout; things on the belt, and then half a dozen packets of jelly babies are plonked next to my purchases. Yes, Lidl didn’t have any, so the guys came in and joined me. I tried to hide the compact under the jelly babies, then quickly stuffed it into my pocket when it had been swept passed the barcode reader.

Boob No. 4. Yes, there was a number 4, although this is conjecture. Loud voice from upstairs, “Dad, have you got any toothpaste, mine has run out”
“Yes, there’s some in the cupboard up there.” A pause follows.
“You didn’t say which cupboard.”
‘So what’, I’m thinking. ‘There’s only 3 cupboards, all under or next to the wash basin. It doesn’t take rocket science to open them one at a time, until you see the toothpaste.’

The next time I go to the bathroom, I remember that my wash bag is in one of the smaller cupboards; it’s zipped up, and I had stuffed a couple of pairs of panties in it, to hide them from view while we had visitors, (I keep a couple of spare ones in there, you see). Perhaps he found the wash bag first, and looked in there for the toothpaste. I’m never going to know am I – LoL.