T-Girl under Training

I’ve been rather remiss of late, barely scrapping enough time to keep up with every one’s posts. The iMac is so amazing for photos, and I’ve been loading up loads of family pics, from our old CDs, to see what they look like. Then we had visitors, and they were loads of fun – I might tell you if I get time – and we have got hooked on geocaching, so that’s another hobby to fill in the time. Being active keeps you young, they say.

You lovely girls have being doing a marvellous job, teaching me new things. Calie told me about trimming eyebrows. She said ‘I take a comb and put my eye brow through it. Then, I take a razor and shave everything that sticks through the comb. It’s a nice compromise and keeps them neat.’ I thought at the time, better be careful which comb you use, and imagined a pair of eye brows a millimetre thick. Guess what, I only had an aluminium comb to hand when I tried it first time, and a millimetre isn’t that bad – LoL – OK, 1 1/2 mil. As Calie said, it’s a nice compromise, and so far, no matter how thin I have them, it doesn’t raise the hackles of the eye brow police. Thanks Calie.

Same top and wig, new make up attempt

Stacy on Transliving International, read my diary there, and told be about removing make up. I’d written this:

I got some Anna time the other evening, and I decided to practice with the few items of make-up I have. Just my new wig, eyeliner and eye-shadow, and lippo – Oh my goodness, I hardly recognised myself. I took some pics with the iMac built in camera thing – but I’m too chicken to share them just yet – LoL. Then panic set in, when the stuff wouldn’t rub off straight away – LoL – even with the proper make-up remover.

After a bit of chat, where I mentioned I was using Rimmel, Stacy explained what to do. She said:

‘Ok you need to soak a cotton pad with remover, and with your eye closed, (do one at a time) place the pad on the eye and press in gently, after a minute or so then wipe the pad from the outer corner to the inner corner, then repeat and it should all come off.

Lipstick, blot with a tissue first, then you can use the eye make up remover here as well because lips are as delicate as the eyes. Once again place the pad on and leave, then wipe away.

Once this has been done, now is the time to take the make up remover and go over the face generally to take off the last dregs.

Then use your chosen wash method, before moisturising the skin.

Rimel do some great products, how ever they do not do any thing that will cover a beard, so really it is wasting money on concealers and foundations,when a light coverage of my derma product will cover all and last for ages.’

Well… I’ve had another go, and it does work. However, I spent a bit of time in front of the iMacs Photo Booth, and I’ve put some pics on my Flickr site. This was a first for me, using my site for self portraits. I feel ok about it today, and if I don’t get cold feet over them, I’ll try to do better next time. Anyway, back to the story, I only had the usual hour window to shower, do make up and dress, photos, undress, and remove make-up. I cut it very fine, so I was still in a rush. Stacy’s system works quite well, but it still isn’t instantaneous. I used pencil eye liner this time, but it’s still a dog to get of. I will just have to plan the whole affair with patience and timing – LoL.

Someone, ages ago now, well, last month perhaps, mentioned that Drag stood for Dressed as a Girl, and Drab stood for Dressed as a Boy, which was something I didn’t know. She was also asking whether we girls think of our boy clothes as drab, so thats drab drabs I guess. I started to leave a reply, and ran out of time – sort of had to cut and run. It was a few weeks before I got back home and caught up with every thing, and now I can’t find the post.

My take on some of her questions (here’s the answers, you get to guess the question).

It would be nice to wear my femme clothes all the time, rather than en homme, but Bob’s gear is as pretty as I can get. I only tend to buy Bob stuff when I have to, as I hate doing it, but when I do, it has got to be neat.

When Jay was in hospital having a new hip, I got a lot of time en Femme, and yes, I used to do everything, even the washing up, in my best clothes – in fact, virtually all my Anna stuff is best stuff. I know G-girls (genetic or genuine) don’t dress up to do chores, for this T-girl, if it’s the only chance in the day, (week – Lol), then I’m going to do it looking as nice as possible.

Bob has simple tastes, scruffy trainers, jeans and tops for gardening and jobs around the house. Second best trainers and jeans and tops for casual wear, and best trainers, best jeans and best tops for smart wear. Bob does have some casual sports/trouser things for a change, but not for best wear – LoL.

4 Responses to “T-Girl under Training”

  1. Angie Davis Says:

    Thanks for passing on the good advice, Anna. I’ve already tried the eyebrows one and it works!

    Angie xx

  2. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Angie,

    I’m quite pleased with the eye-brow tip too, because I can do so much that way with out getting ‘arrested’ – LoL. I still like to do some plucking, to keep the lower edge curvy and ‘nice’.

    Hugs, Anna x

  3. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna

    Hope you are well. I read this a while back and can’t believe I didn’t comment. Must have been caught at the pc, lol!!

    Surprisingly A-M doesn’t mind me having short eyebrows. I used to trim using the comb method, but once when out my friend Barbara suggesting trimming them a bit shorter and A-M didn’t seem to mind so since then I use the Electric shave trimmer. I’m not shaving them off, but they do get trimmed fairly short.

    I agree about dermablend or dermacolor concealer. Absolutely essential. I use 3 different blends, each interspersed with powder, then a superdrug liquid foundation, then a tanning powder. It takes quite a long time, but I enjoy the process and am happy for the most part with the result, so I stick with it.

    It’s not easy to get it all off, especially the eyebrow pencil and mascara but I find the make-up wipes perfectly acceptable and by far the easiest. I usually get away with using two at most, then a good wash just in case there is any colour on my body.

    Similarly I use nail varnish wipes for nail varnish (rather than cotton wool and remover). Now that I think is the hardest as if you have used a dark colour, you can leave a slight stain if you are not careful.

    Happy dressing!

    Hugs Tina x

  4. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Tina,

    Electric shaver trimmer? – I’m not sure I’m ready for freehand work on the eye brows – LoL.

    I bought a powder compact thing the other day – just to satisfy the urge to buy something girlie really – but I was also interested to see why it was a waste of money. It seems it only takes the shine off your skin, so no cover there then, but it seemed like a good idea for my next self portraits thought.

    Wipes? I didn’t know about wipes. That sounds like a simple solution – I can do simple – LoL.

    Hugs, Anna x

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