Waxing Lyrical – Again!

‘Ok’, I thought, ‘lets put my wax strips where my mouth is’ – just figuratively of course. I did wonder, whether my big wax strips would be just as good, along the bikini line, as the little ‘ bikini line’ strips. So I put them to the test, and? I was wrong. The top of my thighs looked liked they had been kicked by a navvy – a thick line of bruises. The hair came away ok, but bon’t ask me why pulling hair off created such a mess, ‘cos I don’t know. I had to do some careful undressing for a while, so Jay didn’t spot the evidence – LoL.

We went to Kent for six days to see mum and various relations, and then onto Bristol. My son was having his graduation, his second one. He went through university many years ago, and graduated as an archeological preserver, but couldn’t get an archaeology type job, so he works in a call centre. His current employer paid for a Contact Centre Management degree, and it took three years; one afternoon a week off work, so that’s an eight hour day, four in the firms time, and four in his own time, plus all the homework etc. Lots of work, but he came away with a 2.1, so we are all pleased with that.

We didn’t go to the post ceremony party, as we all opted to do a bit of a family history hunt. We went to Berkeley, just outside Bristol, to see the house where my great granddad was born, and where he lived, before moving to Kent. We then went to see his mum and dads grave, in the local cemetery there, and it is such a pretty place, I wouldn’t mind being buried there myself – LoL. Not for a while I hope! The family worked at Berkeley Castle some of the time, but also had their own cooperage, brewery and sauces.

I had booked us into a guesthouse, on the outskirts of Bristol for two nights. I’d asked for a room with twin beds, thinking it would be cheaper than the doubles, but unfortunately, all the en suites were the same price. There was a surprise bonus for me though – it enabled me to sleep in my feminine underwear. I usually manage to underdress the last two days of a stay anywhere, but underdressing in bed – a sweet delight.

I’ve bought a brown eyeliner pencil, but I haven’t used it out yet. Every time I go out un-chaperoned, I take my lipstick, and put it on when I get to town. My eyeliner skills are so useless though, so at the moment I’m practising at home. It’s always a bit of a panic situation, as I never believe I’m going to get the stuff off cleanly, before reappearing downstairs en homme – LoL. It comes off a lot easier now that I’ve got the gen from Stacy, but it’s never a quick fix – or un-fix, LoL.

I’ve just read the instructions in my wax strip box, which tells me that I should cut the strips into small strips, before using them on the bikini line. They never remove 100% of hair, and I use each strip three to five times on the same area, to remove as much as possible. Reading other girls epilatory endeavours, leads me to think that no system is perfect.

4 Responses to “Waxing Lyrical – Again!”

  1. helenchapel Says:

    Hey Anna
    Really enjoyed catching up with you again and reading your posts. You have really moved on with your journey. It was lovely to read and sense your joy in these new discoveries.

    I have really missed all my blogging friends and the last seven months have not been at all easy or what I had planned but anyhow I have decided to try and return to blogging again. I enjoyed the comments we shared before I hope we can again? I am sorry I dropped out of blogosphere without a word. I hope we can continue to be friends?
    Take care
    helen x

  2. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Helen,

    No need to apologise for taking the measures you had to. I guess there are a lot of girls, like myself, who missed you, and hoped you would make a come back.

    Thanks for your nice comments, and looking forward to reading you new blog.

    Lots of hugs, Anna x

  3. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna
    Sorry, don’t know how I missed all these blogs. Maybe I read it and couldn’t comment at the time.

    I use veet as you know so don’t have the potential problem with strips.

    Glad you got to your son’s graduation, As I said, it’s a fantastic pride that you feel. Family history jaunt sounds like fun!!

    Take care

    Hugs Tina x

  4. Anna Arendt Says:

    Thank you tina, and no need to apologise, although I do appreciate your and every ones comments.

    Yes, it’s so good when your babies grow up and make good – but rarely at everything I notice – LoL. I have a second cousin who has done our family tree, or a big chunk of it anyway, back to great great great great Granddad Samuel, born in the 1700s. I’ve been cribbing his work, and adding to his tree to fill in some of the missing and more recent family members. He’s kinda got me interested in it all.

    The graduation pics are on the Andy Flickr page.

    Hugs Anna x

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