Shampoo and Strictly Make-up

I must tell you – I’ve discovered shampoo. I know, it’s been in the shops and on the tele for more years than I care to think about, but I thought it was all hype, so I used whatever shower gel I had to hand. The other day my daughter used my shower, (it doubles as the guest shower you see) and she left some Pantene Pro-V extra body shampoo and conditioner – I tried it, and it is GORGEOUS. My hair feels so silky and soft, and it lasts for a couple of days. No wonder girls are always doing their hair. Needless to say, I bought myself a bottle the next day. Jay wasn’t impressed – she normally gets her shampoo from Wilkinsons, who sell all the named brands at the best prices. We only go there when Jay wants to replenish her girlie stuff or get Xmas presents, and I wasn’t going to wait for THAT – LoL.

I’ve started using brown eyeliner today, just a bit, but I wore it around the house – not sure whether this is brave or stupid – time will tell. I have yet to get some brown mascara, as Demi suggested – (I was in Tesco’s, and Jay was busy at the cake counter, so I grabbed the eyeliner, and nipped through a check-out. I got my eyeliner and mascara confused – LoL.

I adore ‘Strictly Dancing’ – the American version is called ‘Dancing with the Stars’ I believe. All those gorgeous dresses and make-up, I’m in heaven. It’s one thing I can share with Jay, as she likes to cast a critical eye over everyone’s turnout, and so we can actually hold a discussion. She’s very uncomplimentary at times, and we have a different range of tastes – I like almost every thing she likes, and everything she doesn’t like – LoL.

I do wonder about the professionals sometimes, as they seem to choose most inappropriate stuff (dresses and make-up) for some people. If you like ‘Dancing on Ice’, just think what a mess of the clothing they made for the swimmer, Sharon – they made her look so gangly, it was as if they had something against her looking nice. On this series of ‘Strictly Dancing’, Michelle Williams looked lovely during the week, in rehearsals and interviews, but the make-up they put on her for the Saturday shows made her look very bony and hard faced – not like her usual glamorous self at all.

You may not want to take my word for it – from the most inexpert of make-up appliers that you are every likely to meet – but take a peek and check it out. Does that count as more homework? LoL.

2 Responses to “Shampoo and Strictly Make-up”

  1. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna

    I’m not sure i have enough hair to make a difference with my close cropped hair! I do agree with you about strictly though. Fantasttic outfits, make-up and ever more thetarical!

    I’m rooting for Pamela Stephenson. Absolitely fantastic for her age. Maybe we shopuld all dance to lose weight!

    Tina x

  2. Anna Arendt Says:

    She’s amazing, and I like her sense of humour. I have a dance program for the Wii, but I’m not losing that much weight. She looks so gorgeous. I like Kara too.

    I’ve been growing my hair longish between haircuts – I’m sure I still have enough to growm-my-own proper hairstyle, if I could get it past the lovely Jay. But since I got those lovely wigs from your lovely self – I’m keeping it very short. Jay was amazed, as I said ‘OK’ to her first prompting of a clip. My big sister taught Jay how to cut hair, and Jay’s got quite good at it.

    It’s funny in a way – or I’m funny in a way, is more apt – because I do all the things to be more feminine, and no-one sees it apart from me – LoL.

    Hugs Anna x

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