Learning to Like Tights.

Some years ago I bought some tights. Ok so far, but then I took them out of the packet – and they look so UGLY. I couldn’t wear them. I so adore the hold-ups, with the pretty lacy tops, just so feminine. The problem with hold-ups is that Jay can feel them under my jeans when she grabs me for a cuddle. Cuddles I like, but not sulks when she finds I’m wearing things under my bob togs. I know it is pretty pointless, in a sartorial way, (can we say sartorial when we are talking girl stuff?), but it’s just nice to have something feminine on, so I’ve got some pop socks, (socks? they definitely look like short nylons to me), called trouser socks too on one box I bought. They come up to my knees, but leave a dent all around my legs when I take them off, and they still have a bit of a rim at the top.

I was getting a bit miffed at all this, so I dug out the tights, and tried them on – they are quite comfy too, and there is no tell-tale signs in the cuddle department. So that’s why I am now a fan of tights. Plus, they are so tactile – I’m into tactile by the way – and so smooth and silky to the touch, that I just can’t keep my hands off them. I find myself curled up in my chair, my hand just under my jeans, and playing with them. They seem to magnify the touch of my jeans too, and I now notice every rustle and movement of them against my legs. Funny thing though, I thought that an extra layer of clothing would add more warmth, but as I pirouette in my high heels, a very cold draught hits my legs – weird. It’s the same in skirts, as I move my legs through the air, it’s like an icy jet on my legs. I’ve always thought wearing skirts in winter was a silly pastime, and this just confirms it – LoL. if you girls have different experiences, then I’d so like to here them.

It’s taken me 5 days to dawdle my way through this post, and I had some things I wanted to chat about, and now I’ve forgotten them. One minor hiccough in the body department though; Jay has been criticising my legs, and I suspect it’s the lack of hair that’s annoying her, and not that they are just plain ugly – although that may be the case of course – LoL. Our sons and daughter are coming home for Xmas, and we are looking forward to lots of games and late night chats, but Anna things will have to go into hiding. I keep hoping something will happen to allow me to come out of the closet with them, but it might be a dream too far – LoL.

I wish you all a merry Xmas and a happy new year, and may your dreams and wishes come true.

Love and hugs, Anna xx

4 Responses to “Learning to Like Tights.”

  1. Angela Davis Says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with tights. When the weather is cold a pair of thick tights go wonderfully with fluffy winter boots, but in warmer weather I much prefer hold-ups or stockings and let ‘the wind blow free’.

    Angie xx

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Angela,

      I hadn’t thought of wearing thick tights – I thought they were virtually the same thickness. I’ll keep an eye out for those, and do some more experimenting. Hmm, I guess that’s homework for Anna, LoL.

      Hugs Anna x

  2. Helen Chapel Says:

    I’m the same as you I generally prefere hold ups but I also like to wear quite short dresses. Not mini skirts but almost. and I think seeing hold ups when you wear short skirts just looks a little cheap and reminds me (personal opinion only of course) of when men first start to crossdress, They tend to to put on make up too strong, choose stark coloured black, blonde or red wigs without appreciating their own skin tones and go for a wardrobe with very low tops and very high skirts despite the body frame or age. I know because I did all of these things in the early days. It takes time to learn the art (and I think it is an art) of being a passable woman.

    So…I wear tights when I want to wear shorter skirts. I find them very comfortable and I have worn them under jeans too now and again and yes I also love the soft nylon textures. I find them a pain to put on still even after all this time. The times I have nearly fallen over and killed myself or just put a run (ladder) in new tights is embarrasing.

    In the early days my wife didn’t mind me wearing holdups under jeans and your right. she could feel them too, and bra straps under fleecy tops. It wasn’t that I was wearing them, but I was wearing them in secret that she felt unhappy about. I know this is not so easy for you, I remember your stories. I just got around it in the early days bysaying things like ‘I really want to wear soem hold ups when we go out, dyo mind? This took away all the secrecy and made it something we both shared. In time I think she enjoyed the fact that we were the only ones in public together who knew we had a secret.

    It takes time…it has not been smooth and straightforward but over time, being honest, consistant, open and loving has helped me. I wish you every happiness.
    Helen xx

  3. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I haven’t worn short skirts, but I’ve got knee length dresses; I took some self portraits, and in some, my holdups were on view – I thought, ‘You tart!’ – LoL – so I have to agree with you there.

    You’ve noted before, that we have similar histories, and it’s the secretiveness that saddens me too. Can I be as brave and honest as you? – perhaps if I choose the right moment? wow, that’s some tough homework – LoL. I admire you for what you (both) have achieved.

    Hugs Anna x

    PS a muppet moment> no indent !!!

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