More Make-up Moments. (I really should write headlines for the Sun !!)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was collecting the ‘Make-up Master Class’ pages from ‘You’ magazine in the Mail on Sunday. Before you say, ‘How could you read that awful paper’, and I know, their record on condemning minority groups rather than supporting them, puts the paper in a poor light, but we only get it for the crosswords and ‘You’ supplement – so that’s my excuse. The ‘Make-up master class’ is written by Jemma Kidd, and I hadn’t paid much attention to her as a person, but it appears she really is a well renowned make-up person.

I have probably got 70 or 90 issues of her master class, but in one of her recent lipstick articles, she explained how to put it on – and you thought t was so obvious didn’t you – but not to me. It appears I should have been applying more than one layer, and taking off the excess each time with a tissue. I’ve seen girls on the tele do this, and wondered why they were removing the stuff. It seems that layering builds up a firm and long lasting cover. Not only that, it actually looks better than the single smear I’ve been doing now. It’s brilliant. So thank you Jemma Kidd, you’re my heroine, or better still, a role model – should that be make-up model – LoL.

Do remember the hint I got about brown mascara? Well, I bought some yesterday. Actually, it appears that brown is short-hand for brown/black, or so the lady in Boots make-up area told me. She asked me what brand I wanted, and I said, ‘It doesn’t matter, I’m just practising at the moment’, and neither of us batted an eye-lash. Don’t ask me why I said it, but it’s probably that – I want to be normal in the girlie sense – and also the, ‘Why should I feel ashamed of who or what I am?’ syndrome. I do accuse myself of not ‘putting my money where my mouth’ is kind of thing, so it was nice actually to take a stand on it. There are lots of you, out there doing things in public, and I envy and admire you all, so this was my little bit.

Oh yes, the brown mascara that is really a brown shade of black – I was advised, if you remember, that I could wear it in bob mode, and to use it on the upper outer lashes only. I’m at home, with Jay, and we have my niece-in-law coming for lunch, and —- I’ve had it on all morning, without a hint of suspicion from my lovely Jay. Another triumph for girlie-hood I think. LoL.

Hugs, Anna x

6 Responses to “More Make-up Moments. (I really should write headlines for the Sun !!)”

  1. Helen Chapel Says:

    I think you were very brave and I applaud you for your open integrity to be who you are in public. I watch the staff in the stores when I shop and some you can tell dont bat an eye and some watch you with either suspicion or confusion.
    I took some clothes back once to Asda and was all prepared with my ‘My wife said they are too big’ line when the lady never said a word and was totally cool about the whole thing.
    Way to go you
    Hugs Helen xx

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Thank you Helen, but I’m not always so brave if I have time to think about it – it’s those sudden in-promptu moments that work best I find – LoL.

      Hugs Anna x

  2. susanmiller64 Says:

    I know what you mean about the lipstick. I have seen this done so many times and could not figure out why, after all you pay money for it and then blot it off but about 2 months ago I saw an article online about it so I tried it. It really works. On Friday nights when I go out with the group I always eat with them and by the time I was done eating it looked like I had no lipstick on and what was left looked horrible. Using this trick even after I eat my lipstick still looks good. I still touch it up as I want to look perfect or at least as perfect as I can. The other trick that works is after you line your lips, put a light layer of lip liner over your lips as this also helps the lipstick stay better plus gives you a good base. Just be careful to make it light then the outline.

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Thank you Susan, it’s so lovely getting these hints from girls. I tried an experiment, drinking from a glass, and hardly a mark left on the rim – I stll gave it a good clean before it went downstairs – LoL.

      I’ll try your new tip – so that’s another shopping trip – LoL. Watch this space.

      Hugs Anna x

  3. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna
    Good tips from Susan there. The key point about the lipliner also is that you can often use it to do the last little accurate bit to the edges. You can just use it to seweep the lipstick that is already there, clean the end and then draw a little line. But not too dark, Choose your liner with care to go with your lipstick.

    I wish I could find away to keep the red wine smile away from my lips though.

    I’m glad you made the jump to discussing make-up in-store with the assistants and why not!! Bet you felt good all the way home.

    Hugs Tina x

  4. Anna Arendt Says:

    Thank you Tina, more hints, this is so gorgeous. I’ve just been filing my nails, wearing wig, lipstick, bra and housecoat, as girlie as I can get – LoL.

    Feeling good all the way home – you are so right. Now I’ve done it once, I’ve decided that when I go next time, I’ll take my lipstick and see if they can help me match the lip-liner for me – as I’ve mentioned before, I’m colour blind, and there’s a lot of colours I see wrong.

    Hugs Anna x

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