What Valentine’s Card?

Valentine’s day fell during the birthday bash, and I didn’t realise that, until we left home. I thought about it, but thought, ‘What the heck, Jay probably hasn’t remembered either’ – wrong – ouch. The boys had got a valentine’s card for each other, Jay had got a valentine’s card for me. Jay had forgotten to write in it, (she thinks the one she wrote in was left behind by mistake). I suggested I could write in hers and give it back, but they all vetoed that idea – LoL.

Nails. Jay and I have a problem with cracking and crumbling nails, and I saw an advert for ‘Hard as Nails’, a varnish that strengthens them. I bought some, and applied it. The advert said shake gently and apply one coat, the bottle said shake well, and apply multiple coats. It was made by Sally Hansen. I’d been wearing the varnish for 24 hours before Jay noticed it, even though I’d told her I was going to try it out.

“It looks like nail varnish”, she accused me.

I guess I applied the coats too close together, as a lot of it fell off very quickly. I then decided to do my toe tails, and applied just one coat, and this before the holiday. Jay didn’t notice a thing. After two weeks, there wasn’t a blemish anywhere, so I’ve given them another coat. You can buy it in clear, as I did, or pink. I broke a thumb nail last week, so I painted the edges of the nail, and it smooths off all those annoying hooky bits that grab at your nylons. I filed the nail first, but filing doesn’t usually get rid of all the imperfections, so I’m pretty pleased with the stuff now.

Acceptance – maybe? it’s really tough when a partner gets all antagonistic over one’s femininity, (or anything else really), and in fact, any confrontation is hard to cope with, and I feel so much for Helen in that respect. But picture this; we are in Lidl’s, and we are looking at ski jumper things. They had blue and lilac, but we had missed the intro date, and so there were very few left. In fact, there was only one in my size, and that was blue.

Jay found them, and was looking through them for my size. She picked up quite a few, but they were the girl versions. I went through them as well, and I remarked, “The only other one’s left that are my size are women’s”.

“If you want them you’ll have to buy them yourself, I’m not buying them for you”, Jay said.

We walked away with the blue one, (they are so comfy, I forgive them for being Bob stuff), and I’m thinking that that is as close to an acceptance speech that I have ever heard. Mind you, I’m not going to push my luck – just yet, LoL.

4 Responses to “What Valentine’s Card?”

  1. susanmiller64 Says:

    Acceptance is something we all want and hope to find. The fact your partner knows and at least tolerates it is good. A lot of times they just demand it stop or they leave if one does not stop.
    Doing ones nails is so nice and I am glad you got to do them. I can’t do my fingers but have kept my toes painted with reds and pinks for the last several years and love it and I am so looking forward to Diva Las Vegas as I will get to have acrylic nails for the week.

  2. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Susan,

    Yes, I’m pretty lucky with Jay, but she throws a few fast balls occasionally, and I have been worried a few times that she may be thinking of the ‘stop or go’ technique.

    I would so adore it if I could use coloured nail varnish. I hope you have a super time at Diva Las Vegas, and I’m looking forward to your blog about it too.

    Have fun, Hugs Anna

  3. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna

    Thats a neat trick with the Sally Hansen. At least you should be able to continue to use it on your toe nails if you wish. You may need rather more priovate time to use the coloured varnish on your nails!

    Acceptance comes in many forms, and yes Jay seems to have a level of acceptance in making comments like that. It must be tough though, because I know you want to push it, but it would shatter her life if everyone were to find out. I certainly don’t think A-M would cope with everyone knowing, bad enough (for her) as it is and I guess I am happy to keep it as a separate live. Finding some time for Anna is the key.

    But shame on you for not getting a valentines card for Jay. Your girly side should have remembered even if your male side did not.

    Hugs Tina x

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Tina,

      Yes, I was a bit of a baddy there – but I won’t forget again – Jay won’t let me, LoL.

      Yes, it would shatter Jay, if our affairs went global. I love her too much to hurt her like that – the dream, (one of many, LoL), is that she’ll come round on her own, but I’m not holding my breath – bless her.

      Hugs Anna xx

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