Soaps put the skids under Anna

Well, sort of. Jays stopped watching the soaps – my usual time for doing things as Anna, cross-dressing, nails, practicing make-up and stuff. I haven’t actually done any cross-dressing for ages, but I’m sure it’s not just the rubbish story lines that have got up Jays nose, I reckon she thinks it’ll curtail my Anna stuff. She’s wasting her time. Well actually not, as we’ve been going out for walks in the evening, and doing some geocaching. I like doing things with Jay, and I’m still Anna inside, so at the moment it doesn’t matter – but watch this space.

I’ve always got something femme on, and I have femme clothes in various hidey holes – including my male underwear drawer in the bedroom, suitably hidden at the back of course. I’ve been using my green eye-shadow this last week, and it looks so nice, especially after using the brown for so long.

I was wondering if not beeing keen on cross-dressing at the moment, is because I would really like to go on a shopping spree for some fresh clothes. As Anna, I so adore shopping, so that means all the time really. I guess I need some unchaperoned time again – LoL.

4 Responses to “Soaps put the skids under Anna”

  1. susanmiller64 Says:

    You are right, we are always who we are no matter if we dress or not but it is so much fun and so relaxing to dress. Hope you find time to go shopping as that is also fun.

  2. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’ve been off the net Anna wise, so apologies for not replying earlier. I think it is the certainty of being Anna, and the fact that no matter what happens in the future, no one can take my personality away – that makes all the hassles worth while.


  3. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna
    Hope you are well. I too have been off the net, but just popped by to see how you are. Hope you have been enjoying the walks together. Whatever it is that you want, you are much more likely to get it in a loving relataionships Hugs Tina x

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Tina,

      Nice seeing you back in print, I’d wondered how you were doing too. We have so much good stuff going for us, and have lots of fun as Andy and jay, but she’s pretty stubborn where anything else goes.

      I’ve been meaning to post for a week or two, so I’ll explain the latest spat there.

      Hugs Anna x

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