How to get a Dressing Down

I’d hardly got the words out of my mouth – about not needing to crossdress – when Jay headed out for the health centre. The poor girl had tipped nearly two litres of nigh on boiling water down her legs, and as her DIY treatment wasn’t working, she decided to get help. She did it four weeks ago, and the nurses have done a super job with dressings and things, so although her skin is very red still, it looks pretty healthy now, and is pain free; still some weeks of creams and light dressings before she’s fully fit though. I took over all the house stuff, cooking and all, for a whole week, which was so nice to do; it was just so sad for the reasons behind it. She soon got her hands back on the kitchen though – LoL.

Anyway, Jay heads to the health centre, and I thought, ‘Hey, let’s do some dressing’. It was just a quickie thing, so no wig, bra, or make-up. I opened the windows to make sure I’d hear Jay come back, and busied about doing girl things in the kitchen. Yeeeeess, you know what’s coming. I didn’t hear the car. Jay walks in and we sort of had a chat. It seems I look like a prat, and every time it gets more repulsive. Every time? it’s only the second time in eight years she’s actually caught me en femme; she’s such a drama queen. After that chat she didn’t say much for a few days, except please and thank you when I got her anything. Hence I shut down Anna’s communication with the net, and stayed away from the computer, and anywhere where she couldn’t see what I was doing, just to stress what a ‘good boy’ I am. I’ve had enough of that, so here I am.

I’ve been keeping up to date with you girls as usual as I get your posts on my iPhone – that phone is just so gorgeous, I can’t believe it took me so long to get one. AND – wait for it, I’ve got Dlan in the house. Ok – I wanted it because my wi-fi is so naff, the hobby room computer (upstairs) wouldn’t log on and get Anna on the net. I went to PC World, and they had a 2 plug Dlan with it’s own wi-fi pickup; he did say anyone could set it up!! but the extra wi-fi link sounded brilliant.

So, I’m aback at the house, plug it in, and —– nothing. The window that should self boot didn’t. I left it for a week or two, uninstalled it, re-installed it – nothing. BUT a few days later, I’m sitting here, and click the browser, and POW, 2 milliseconds later it’s on the net. I didn’t believe it, not until I’d gone round half a dozen sites and found new stuff there. Don’t ask me how it happened – it just did.

The wi-fi? nothing. Then my tame IBM relation visited, and Jay said “Andy, ask Pete about your plugs”. We are sitting at the table, post meal, chatting as you do, and Pete asked me for the code to the wi-fi that works, but not upstairs. Fifteen minutes later he’s found the address for the Dlan, which he later showed me on the computer. So both wi-fi work, and I’ve set the password for the new one, it now has the same password as the week wi-fi. How cool is all that?

Have fun every one. Hugs Anna