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Apologies for being so ‘off the scene’ for a while. I’ve taken on the job of being a moderator for a group in Bobsville, and I’ve found it to be so much fun. As I’ve gone along, I’m having to learn things about Flickr; formatting text; HTML codes and EXIF data etc. I don’t have to understand them, just to know where they hide and how to use them. This has been a lot of fun, and I’m a photo-holic anyway – if I was pretty, I’d be in front of a camera all the time – LoL. I spend loads of fun time doing things with my own photos, and just looking at every one else’s. Since the day Jay caught me dressed, I’ve toned down the amount of Anna time, and in fact, I’ve gone out of my way too, (as a sort of PR exercise) to make it obvious that I’m not sneaking Anna time. I suppose, as I’m back here chatting, PR is now discontinued, LoL.

We’ve had loads of lovely visitors over the last two months, Sis-in-law stayed for five weeks, that I’ve been posting on the Bob Blog. I have found the picture insertion routine with WordPress very clumsy, and they often end up in the wrong place. I’d uploaded a lot of pics on the Bob Flickr, and I thought they would be ideal, so I was wondering if the HTML code in Flickr would paste into Worpress. It is BRILLIANT. And they all go Exactly where I want them. Medium size pics are a nice size, and don’t need clicking on to enlarge them, but if you do click on a picture, you go to the original in Flickr, so you get extra info and stuff.

Buffy Bear
Buffy Bear, showing how it looks

If you are a whizz with computers and things, then you probably won’t find this information handy, but there may be other girls like me, who will find this easier and nicer.

My next trick was to see if it worked on my parallel blog on Blogger? Blogspot? or what ever, I can never remember the silly name of the site, Anna’s Blogmobile anyway. I know, I don’t really need a back-up anymore, but I so don’t want to dump it. Anyway – my password wouldn’t work. It took a week of requests – questions, answers, refusals to give a password change link, denials that I even existed, when I found an old email with my proper user name, not the log-in name which was my email addres, and hey-presto, link materialised, and in I went. So I’m cooking on both blogs again.

Hint of the week – those emails they send you – the verification ones, Keep them. If I’d kept mine I would have been back in straight away.

As Anna, I’m still under dressing; Jay keeps manoeuvring me so I’m out of her sight as little as possible, (I’m sure I’m not imagining it, but I may be of course); I still think as Anna 100% of the time, and I still have yearnings to be out and up front with everyone. My lovely sis visited for a few days, and I was saying that I’m torn between being Anna with her, which could ruin her and Jay’s relationship if her knowing ever came out, and making her relationship with Jay safe by cutting Anna off from her.

Have fun every one, enjoy being yourselves. Hugs Anna x

4 Responses to “Pictures in WordPress”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Thanks for the photo tip! As silly as it may sound, I’ve never even considered using the html for inserting a photo. I don’t know why, as I agree with you that the WP photo insertion process is a bit clumsy.

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for your comment. Tthe WP app is so lenghty, that this cut and paste idea suits me fine – but then, I hate left clicking twice if it can be done in one – LoL.

      Have fun, Anna

  2. susanmiller64 Says:

    I love WordPress as it seems to be the best blog web site I have found. That being said I agree placing pictures in a blog is not as easy. I use word to write and post my blogs and sometimes have to go back into WordPress and do a little editing but still very happy with them.
    Good luck on being a moderator. It can be fun but challenging. I help moderate the T-Girl group here and it is not always easy but I also have learned a lot.
    Have a great week and hope you find some time for your female self.

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Susan,

      You always have nice pictures in your blog, and your girl time is so fascinating – I love it. WordPress is pretty good, and it can look nice fairly easily, it’s just that some of the routines are long winded, and the formatting with pictures is a bit jumpy.

      Life is fun, both in bob mode and girl mode, it’s just that Anna has so little respect from Jay, and cross-dressing time is zilch at the moment. I can’t complain really, as I still have a wife and a marriage, and it’s my choice not to push Anna to keep those two other things. To me, girl mode is being alive and feeling feminine, underdressing every day, but I would so like to have proper CD time.

      I hope you have a nice week end too.

      Hugs Anna, x

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