A Transistor radio in the hand

We were sitting around the dinner table, having had a delicious roast lamb cooked by Jay. We had some GUKs (grown up kids), their partners and my niece-in-law and her partner, and we were reminiscing about our teens. Jay said that she used to visit my mum every evening with her trannie in her hand. Transistor radios were called trannies in the 1950s, the latest invention, and Jay, working as a nanny to our neighbours, (we lived on the country, and our nearest neighbours were a couple of hundred yards away), had used her wages to buy one.

Everyone burst into peals of laughter, and made fun of Jay. Me, I just smiled, thinking that she still has a trannie as we often hold hands and cuddle. I looked across the table and our niece (who is 50 plus and has a figure to die for) was looking straight at me. I’d been throwing in girlie mannerisms, as I try to do anyway, with my long fingernails in view, and I suddenly wondered if she had put two and two together?

I’ll never know most likely. How can we capitalise on these moments? Sadly, never, I guess.

2 Responses to “A Transistor radio in the hand”

  1. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna
    Great story; certainly made me smile out loud! The thing A-M hates about me is when I grow my nails or act in anyway feminine when in front of others and I see where she is coming from. She puts up with my jaunts even coming with me on many an occasion, but at other times she wants her man. As a result, I grew my body hair back over the summer because we had the family holiday in September, but she still complains I keep my nails too long, especially in the days running up to an outing.
    If you do have long nails or if you act girly in front of others then it won’t be surprising if others notice. But I guess that above all else is what Jay dislikes and why perhaps she is scared to allow you any ‘rope’ in case you just go further.

    Hugs Tina x

  2. Anna Arendt Says:

    Hi Tina,

    You have spotted Jay’s big problem. Right from day one she has refused to let me do any overt girlie stuff, on that very premise – i.e.. if she lets me have a small bit today, how much more will I want next year, and the year after that? So she thought countenancing absolutely nothing was the best way. I’ve tried talking her into compartmentalising some girlie time etc, and saying she would benefit from knowing what I was doing, instead of not know anything, and imagining and worrying about what I was upto, and getting it all out of proportion; she would have base in reality, which would probably be better for her in the long run. Vetoed completely.

    So I’ve tried to get my proper persona out front – not in your face of course, but subtle. As you say though, people who don’t know me or see me regularly, will see something of the feminine me, but Jay’s been conditioned to it as it’s been a gradual thing. I did have to revert to bob mode for a long time and start all over again, when she suddenly noticed what I was doing.

    I know you prefer natural nails to acrylic ones, but Susan has a way of doing them easily for night outs. A-M may even help put them on. I keep my nails longish all the time, and every one is getting to use it it – as far as I can see anyway. I do envy you your separate periods of masculine and feminine activities. It would be a nice step forward for me to do something like that, although for me it would be a means to an end to something else – more rope LoL.

    Hugs, Anna

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