Apple lion shoot

So much for saying how nice my iPhone is, but I upgraded the Mac Lion, and the phone to what ever, 5 something or other, but now the App store doesn’t recognise me, even though I’m using the same name and password. God, I hate you &£@@&£ software writers.

Don’t get me wrong, the phone is brilliant, it’s just Apple being as rubbish as Windows software writers. I won’t use the word developers, because that implies the @&£(:s are intelligent. I would so like to plant an un_ladylike fist into someone’s monitor – actually, that;s just a dream, I don’t like killing bugs and slugs – LoL.

2 Responses to “Apple lion shoot”

  1. TinaCortina Says:

    Aha! Well I’ve a Blackberry. Enough said!!

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      Hi Tina,

      I went into a sulk and ignored it for a few days, and then I mooched around the net trying to find the darn set to redo the IDs and things – couldn’t find it of course. ‘I know”, i thought, I’ll do the App updates, and it’ll ask me silly questions, and send me to the ID place.

      Wrong, it updated the apps and has worked perfectly ever since. !!

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