Waxing is the new paint

Have I mentioned this before, waxing has the same problems as painting? I do my hands, feet, knees and underarms, and then I don’t want to stop; it’s so addictive. My legs are naff, as I’ve been banned from doing them anymore, but so much hair has stopped growing completely, that the few patches left are – well, naff. Even Jay thinks they’re naff. The vee in my chest is kept short by plucking them as hairs reappear; that’s one area that hasn’t been banned yet, although Jay keeps a close eye on it, so it doesn’t expand – LoL.

I tend do things on the spur of the moment, as I’m not brave enough to plan rebellion in advance, and every so often I’ll wax the legs anyway. Jay thinks I shave my knees and legs, so I haven’t told her otherwise. My dream Xmas present would be a body wax – fat chance of that.

We are off to Cornwall soon, and we’ll have a super time, as we always do when we’re doing things together, it’s just that there’s a bit of togetherness missing in this important area. As usual, I’ll have a collection of girlie stuff, which I can’t possibly wear or use, but having them near me, feels like a normal thing, like normal girls would have, and makes me feel normal too – LoL.

I had an email from a girl, who I’ll call Andrea, as that’s one of my favourite aliases, asking about a family photo on the Bob Flickr site. I passed her on to my sis-in-law who is the family genealogist. S-i-L tracked down the missing link, which pleased her no end. She had trouble to begin with, until this lass mentioned a pub her granddad owned or ran, and success quickly followed. S-i-L rang for a chat today, and told us about her successful work. It appears Andrea was born male, and has changed gender, and it seems this is a first for the family tree – LoL. Andrea and S-i-L had a giggle, as before long Andrea can have all previous male stuff removed from her history – ‘That’ll mess up things for future genealogists’ she said.

4 Responses to “Waxing is the new paint”

  1. Angela Kay Says:

    My son has done a lot of work on our family tree and traced it back to the early 1700’s. There have been a few born out of wedlock and the occasional rogue, but no gender changes… yet! That certainly would complicate things.

    Hope you have a lovely time in Cornwall. Can’t guarantee you any good weather, but at least it will be quiet.

    Angie xx

    • Anna Arendt Says:

      That’s an amazing bit of research – such an old date is fantastic. My second cousin has got us back to the early 1800s, but is stuck. There is a guy who has got his line of the family back to the 1700s, but we haven’t found a link, to join both sides of the family up.

      Autumn colours today are glorious, and the sun’s shining too.


      Anna xx

  2. greaterwonders Says:

    And, a month or so later, Andrea (who rarely visits Angels these days) is bored one early sunday and follows a link to complete the circle 🙂

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