Anna gets a Holiday

I always take some girlie stuff on holidays, and usually under-dress on the journey home. Wearing anything at all on other days isn’t possible, as getting things cleaned is out of the question when we are away from home. I use eyeshadow daily, but only subtle shades, and not a lot of it so no one notices. I have my lipstick, which I’d never dare use, but I have it with me, just like a normal girl would, plus some tights of course.

The make-up cache

We arrived at our self catering cottage on a Friday evening, and nipped out to Lostwithiel for some food for the next days breakfast, before an evening of games and bed. Saturday we went to Bodmin for a big shop up, and passed a school (I think) with a model railway exhibition going on, so of course I wondered if Angie had been there. We had some nice days out when the weather was good, about one day in three, and lots of beautiful autumn colours about. We chose this time of year because it was the first two weeks of the cheap season. Our little group concisted of Jay, Emm and myself. Emm is Jay’s older sister by a few years; she’s a bit batty, but is lots of fun, as she likes the same kind of stuff that we do, and she’s mad keen on photography. We compare pics using the Wii picture show utility, (it’s so brill) each evening. The good news was – Emm likes watching the soaps. Jay, you may remember has gone off the soaps, and so I get very little unhindered time for doing things Anna, but with Emm leading, the soaps were back on.

The bedrooms etc were down stairs, so I headed there, spent a minute or two doing a sedoku, and then stripped and put towel on, girlie style of course. I put some lipstick on; filed and buffed my nails; plucked my eyebrows back into shape, and got the silky mitt and dehired my hands and feet and knees. I usually use wax strips for the hands, knee, and feet, but I hadn’t thought to bring any. Finally, I finished removed the make-up and showered. Back up stairs, when Jay asked what I’d been doing, I replied that I’d laid on the bed doing sudokos, and had a shower – perfectly truthful. I got four lovely sessions of pampering myself Anna style, and it felt so good.

The only drawback was – hardly any wi-fi for the phone. The laptop picked it up, but I have no Anna passwords on that. I got all your updates, blogs and Facebook stuff via emails, but no wi-fi meant no replying to anything. Perhaps I shouldn’t whinge, as it was a super break.

Hugs Anna x