Hi Y’awl

I thought it was about time I put a new post up, or every one will think I’ve given up.

I had a super few days as Anna in December, because I had the house to myself for a week. Shopping, new tights, new night wear – just so nice. The closet is still firmly locked, and I’m still happy being Anna on the inside, and Bob on the outside. At times like last December, I do pine for the complete feminine experience, and dream and fantasise about a life as a girl. It’s not going to happen, because I’m still massively in love with Jay, and there’s no chance of acceptance from that quarter.

All my clothes are hidden away – but too far away that I can’t grab them at a minutes notice. Luckily, Jay hasn’t shown any interest in searching for things. I think finding them would mean that I’m still ‘not well’, and she doesn’t want to know that.


Some of my regular reads have dropped off the radar over the year, so I felt it was important to show that I may be closeted, but I’m still on screen. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs, albeit mostly by email, so sorry if I’m not helping your stats, LoL. I get Transliving International posts my email too, so I suppose I’m little miss lurker, LoL.


Have fun every one. Happy Mothers day and Easter to you all.

2 Responses to “Hi Y’awl”

  1. susanmiller64 Says:

    Nice to see you blog again, we all have our feminine side with us no matter what we do or how we dress. she is a part of who we are even when we can’t dress an show her off. hope you do get a chance to let her out in the near future.

  2. TinaCortina Says:

    Hi Anna, thought i had commented here as I was visiting again. Susan is right. We are all different. Some live the dream, some may even enjoy living the dream, but life ain’t simple. You pays your money and makes your choices. You are lucky to have a woman you love. I always say don’t risk that unless you really have no choice. Hugs Tina x

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