Polari on line Magazine – Carol Steel Interview.

Just a quickie to let you know about the article I’ve just seen on the Polari on line Magazine. It’s vey good.


Ok, I guess I should let you know how things are going, while I’m here, after all, it would be impolite not too.

Hair is still receding everywhere, even off my breasts. Boobs aren’t getting bigger. Girlie time is zilch – it’s just all in my head, and not getting out. I’ve bought some more lipstick and nail varnish, just because it’s nice to get new stuff, even if I can’t use them – LoL. It’s almost a year since I had my week of girlie time.

I can’t complain really, as the bob with the lovely Jay is fun – it’s just not the fun I’d like to be having.

Have fun.