Spring is Sprung, but not Anna

Last Year in January I started getting cramps in my legs – it was like someone had thrown a switch and turned them on. After a month of very bad ones I stopped taking my Statins. It took four or five months for them to ease off, and they haven’t gone entirely even now

Come September I went to the Health Centre for my annual check and we discussed the statins, and then we did all the usual blood tests. Guess what! the cholesterol was up. This was followed by a chat with the cholesterol nurse who put me on the Mediterranean Diet, which isn’t a weight loss diet, more a life style thing. I had a three month cholesterol check in December, and a six month check in March.

Well … Jay and I had put ourselves on the 5 and 2 diet. 5 days a week we eat normally, and on 2 we only have 500 calories. By the time I had the first cholesterol check I’d lost 10 lbs, but the cholesterol was up. Come the second cholesterol check I’d put a few lbs back on, but we’d had a holiday, so I called that a result. I’ve stagnated a bit since then but I’m still 8 lbs lighter, so pretty good really. The cholesterol? up again!! In that 6 months I had cut out all butter, margarine, margarine and butter lookalike spreads, plus I had cut out chips/French fries completely and only had boiled potatoes a couple of times a week – and my cholesterol had STILL gone UP. By the way – I’m back to eating chips again. Fish and chips are so yummy, and we have them once a week again now.

I had some giddy spells last month and went to see a doc, and it turned out to be nothing serious, just a side affect of another drug, Tamulosinhydroxide. I took the opportunity of chatting with him about my Cholesterol results. He said I had a particularly hight ‘good cholesterol’ count (1+) within the overall cholesterol (6.9) and not get hung up on this cholesterol and diet thing. He basically told me to just enjoy eating in a normal well balanced way, and not worry about it all.

A funny thing happened at Xmas. My son started to tell a story about a young boy of a friend of his, and the story had a crossdressing  transgender theme, and my daughter stared in my direction while he was telling the tale. So I guess they know or think they know about me. Doesn’t help though as I can’t push Jay into accepting me as Anna on the basis that the kids know already, because she won’t admit it. Jay made a comment about family, and so my son asked, “So what’s weird about Dad?” and of course she didn’t answer LoL.

It’s nice reading about what you girls get up to, and some of you have an amazing fun time – but it rarely includes family I notice. It’s going to be a long time before transgender is out in the open with our families, so getting public recognition could open the door for us. I feel I’m letting the side down by not doing my bit, out of the closet. Sorry girls. Nice that lots of you have fun, but sad that lots of you face persecution and abuse too.

The story? I’ve forgotten the tale, and only remember the flavour, as I was too busy watching my daughter in my peripheral vision, and being secretly pleased while I kept a blank expression. LoL.

Love and hugs to you all.

One Response to “Spring is Sprung, but not Anna”

  1. Angela Kay Says:

    It’s lovely to hear from you again, Anna, even though your news isn’t great. You were in danger of dropping off the bottom of my blog list 🙂 .

    I’m on a statin tablet, but thankfully haven’t experienced any side-effects (yet). As your doctor has doubtless explained, it’s all part of an overall risk assessment, so high cholesterol isn’t necessarily bad news. My wife’s cholesterol figure is 6.5, compared to my 2.9, but her overall risk of a heart attack or stroke is lower than mine, and she’s probably on course to live to 100!

    I do feel for you, trying to live as Anna with your children around. We had our children when we were quite young and they left home many years before I commenced transition. The hardest part, though, was helping my wife to understand and accept my ‘problem’. She still lives in fear that family and friends will one day reject her, because of me.

    Angie x

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