I want to say – Call me Anna

It’s not going to happen, but it’s what I yearn for. Even if I can’t dress as Anna it would be so nice that at least the family knew who I am. They can call be me what ever they like, but I’d like them to have the choice.

As I was saying to Tina, life is good being Bob with Jay, but the yearning is an ever present undercurrent. I carry makeup and underwear wherever we go, but underdressing is as far as it goes.

2016 was a funny old thing. Brexit and Trump. I can hardly believe it. In both cases the vote was for the people that caused all the problems. The Brexiteers believed the people saying we’ll have a fab NHS when we leave Europe, and this from the mouths of the very politicians who were trying to privatise the NHS. And the Americans believed Trump when he said he’d sort out corruption and big business shenanigans – and he’s one of the big business guys himself.

I just hope that the fallout from these people doesn’t ruin the planet, because in both groups, the vitriol and hatred they stirred up has given credence to people already harbouring those views and hate crimes and violence has been unleashed. A very sad state of affairs for humanity.

Back to business. I want to wish everyone a safe and fulfilled 2017.

New resolution – just a thought at this very moment. To keep in touch more often.

Hugs Anna.