More Make-up Moments. (I really should write headlines for the Sun !!)

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was collecting the ‘Make-up Master Class’ pages from ‘You’ magazine in the Mail on Sunday. Before you say, ‘How could you read that awful paper’, and I know, their record on condemning minority groups rather than supporting them, puts the paper in a poor light, but we only get it for the crosswords and ‘You’ supplement – so that’s my excuse. The ‘Make-up master class’ is written by Jemma Kidd, and I hadn’t paid much attention to her as a person, but it appears she really is a well renowned make-up person.

I have probably got 70 or 90 issues of her master class, but in one of her recent lipstick articles, she explained how to put it on – and you thought t was so obvious didn’t you – but not to me. It appears I should have been applying more than one layer, and taking off the excess each time with a tissue. I’ve seen girls on the tele do this, and wondered why they were removing the stuff. It seems that layering builds up a firm and long lasting cover. Not only that, it actually looks better than the single smear I’ve been doing now. It’s brilliant. So thank you Jemma Kidd, you’re my heroine, or better still, a role model – should that be make-up model – LoL.

Do remember the hint I got about brown mascara? Well, I bought some yesterday. Actually, it appears that brown is short-hand for brown/black, or so the lady in Boots make-up area told me. She asked me what brand I wanted, and I said, ‘It doesn’t matter, I’m just practising at the moment’, and neither of us batted an eye-lash. Don’t ask me why I said it, but it’s probably that – I want to be normal in the girlie sense – and also the, ‘Why should I feel ashamed of who or what I am?’ syndrome. I do accuse myself of not ‘putting my money where my mouth’ is kind of thing, so it was nice actually to take a stand on it. There are lots of you, out there doing things in public, and I envy and admire you all, so this was my little bit.

Oh yes, the brown mascara that is really a brown shade of black – I was advised, if you remember, that I could wear it in bob mode, and to use it on the upper outer lashes only. I’m at home, with Jay, and we have my niece-in-law coming for lunch, and —- I’ve had it on all morning, without a hint of suspicion from my lovely Jay. Another triumph for girlie-hood I think. LoL.

Hugs, Anna x


Coming Clean about 2010.

Hi Every one, Happy new year again.

I know some of you are probably wondering what happened in the weight department, since I copied Helen last January, and telling you gorgeous girls I was going to lose some weight. I use the Wii Keep Fit plus to ensure I keep an eye on things, and for some fun exercising stuff. Mid year saw me drop out of the overweight band, but it was a – ‘is she, isn’t she’ thing – and I promised myself I wouldn’t brag about it, until I stayed out of the darn thing for a whole week. Hmmm, and no, you didn’t miss the earth-shattering event. And then we went on trips, and holidays, and it went back up. However, I ended the year half a stone lighter than I started, so I want to repeat that this year. The sad news is that I put 6 lbs. on over xmas and the new year – how silly is that; I could have been nearly a stone lighter with a bit more common sense in the nibble department – LoL.

Eyebrows! You remember we got the tip about using a comb and a razor to keep them trimmed? Tina commented that she users an electric trimmer. Well – I got one for Xmas, and before I went to bed Xmas day, I was in my bathroom trying it out. Brilliant little gadget, and works so well with the comb technique on the eyebrows.

Underdressing. For you girls who are out and about, or who get plenty of en femme time at home, underdressing isn’t probably a necessity. To me, with so little en femme time, it’s a way of feminising my time as much as possible while I’m in the closet. It isn’t a fetish thing that turns me on – it’s a way of feeling comfortable within my persona; a way of keeping as much girliness in my life as possible. And a bit of, one-up-womanship, over Mrs A, which is a bit naughty, and bitchy perhaps, but it helps me believe in a future of sorts, no matter how unattainable or believable. Does that make sense, believing in the unbelievable?

I so adore my bathroom. I get up to all my girlie things here. I like to begin my day here, getting dressed, putting on some eyeshadow, using girl creams, doing those eyebrows etc. In the evening I check out nails and stuff, and pluck and pamper myself, night creams and whatever. I shower and get ready for bed, and get things ready for the next day, clean tights at the ready etc. At this time of the year, wearing jumpers means that I can wear feminine t-shirts un-discovered. I adore the winter.

The problem with getting away with being girlie is that there is a sadness there too – I would so like to be a girl with Jay’s blessing. I’d so like like not to be a liar.

Happy new Year, Hugs Anna x

Shampoo and Strictly Make-up

I must tell you – I’ve discovered shampoo. I know, it’s been in the shops and on the tele for more years than I care to think about, but I thought it was all hype, so I used whatever shower gel I had to hand. The other day my daughter used my shower, (it doubles as the guest shower you see) and she left some Pantene Pro-V extra body shampoo and conditioner – I tried it, and it is GORGEOUS. My hair feels so silky and soft, and it lasts for a couple of days. No wonder girls are always doing their hair. Needless to say, I bought myself a bottle the next day. Jay wasn’t impressed – she normally gets her shampoo from Wilkinsons, who sell all the named brands at the best prices. We only go there when Jay wants to replenish her girlie stuff or get Xmas presents, and I wasn’t going to wait for THAT – LoL.

I’ve started using brown eyeliner today, just a bit, but I wore it around the house – not sure whether this is brave or stupid – time will tell. I have yet to get some brown mascara, as Demi suggested – (I was in Tesco’s, and Jay was busy at the cake counter, so I grabbed the eyeliner, and nipped through a check-out. I got my eyeliner and mascara confused – LoL.

I adore ‘Strictly Dancing’ – the American version is called ‘Dancing with the Stars’ I believe. All those gorgeous dresses and make-up, I’m in heaven. It’s one thing I can share with Jay, as she likes to cast a critical eye over everyone’s turnout, and so we can actually hold a discussion. She’s very uncomplimentary at times, and we have a different range of tastes – I like almost every thing she likes, and everything she doesn’t like – LoL.

I do wonder about the professionals sometimes, as they seem to choose most inappropriate stuff (dresses and make-up) for some people. If you like ‘Dancing on Ice’, just think what a mess of the clothing they made for the swimmer, Sharon – they made her look so gangly, it was as if they had something against her looking nice. On this series of ‘Strictly Dancing’, Michelle Williams looked lovely during the week, in rehearsals and interviews, but the make-up they put on her for the Saturday shows made her look very bony and hard faced – not like her usual glamorous self at all.

You may not want to take my word for it – from the most inexpert of make-up appliers that you are every likely to meet – but take a peek and check it out. Does that count as more homework? LoL.

Waxing Lyrical – Again!

‘Ok’, I thought, ‘lets put my wax strips where my mouth is’ – just figuratively of course. I did wonder, whether my big wax strips would be just as good, along the bikini line, as the little ‘ bikini line’ strips. So I put them to the test, and? I was wrong. The top of my thighs looked liked they had been kicked by a navvy – a thick line of bruises. The hair came away ok, but bon’t ask me why pulling hair off created such a mess, ‘cos I don’t know. I had to do some careful undressing for a while, so Jay didn’t spot the evidence – LoL.

We went to Kent for six days to see mum and various relations, and then onto Bristol. My son was having his graduation, his second one. He went through university many years ago, and graduated as an archeological preserver, but couldn’t get an archaeology type job, so he works in a call centre. His current employer paid for a Contact Centre Management degree, and it took three years; one afternoon a week off work, so that’s an eight hour day, four in the firms time, and four in his own time, plus all the homework etc. Lots of work, but he came away with a 2.1, so we are all pleased with that.

We didn’t go to the post ceremony party, as we all opted to do a bit of a family history hunt. We went to Berkeley, just outside Bristol, to see the house where my great granddad was born, and where he lived, before moving to Kent. We then went to see his mum and dads grave, in the local cemetery there, and it is such a pretty place, I wouldn’t mind being buried there myself – LoL. Not for a while I hope! The family worked at Berkeley Castle some of the time, but also had their own cooperage, brewery and sauces.

I had booked us into a guesthouse, on the outskirts of Bristol for two nights. I’d asked for a room with twin beds, thinking it would be cheaper than the doubles, but unfortunately, all the en suites were the same price. There was a surprise bonus for me though – it enabled me to sleep in my feminine underwear. I usually manage to underdress the last two days of a stay anywhere, but underdressing in bed – a sweet delight.

I’ve bought a brown eyeliner pencil, but I haven’t used it out yet. Every time I go out un-chaperoned, I take my lipstick, and put it on when I get to town. My eyeliner skills are so useless though, so at the moment I’m practising at home. It’s always a bit of a panic situation, as I never believe I’m going to get the stuff off cleanly, before reappearing downstairs en homme – LoL. It comes off a lot easier now that I’ve got the gen from Stacy, but it’s never a quick fix – or un-fix, LoL.

I’ve just read the instructions in my wax strip box, which tells me that I should cut the strips into small strips, before using them on the bikini line. They never remove 100% of hair, and I use each strip three to five times on the same area, to remove as much as possible. Reading other girls epilatory endeavours, leads me to think that no system is perfect.

T-Girl under Training

I’ve been rather remiss of late, barely scrapping enough time to keep up with every one’s posts. The iMac is so amazing for photos, and I’ve been loading up loads of family pics, from our old CDs, to see what they look like. Then we had visitors, and they were loads of fun – I might tell you if I get time – and we have got hooked on geocaching, so that’s another hobby to fill in the time. Being active keeps you young, they say.

You lovely girls have being doing a marvellous job, teaching me new things. Calie told me about trimming eyebrows. She said ‘I take a comb and put my eye brow through it. Then, I take a razor and shave everything that sticks through the comb. It’s a nice compromise and keeps them neat.’ I thought at the time, better be careful which comb you use, and imagined a pair of eye brows a millimetre thick. Guess what, I only had an aluminium comb to hand when I tried it first time, and a millimetre isn’t that bad – LoL – OK, 1 1/2 mil. As Calie said, it’s a nice compromise, and so far, no matter how thin I have them, it doesn’t raise the hackles of the eye brow police. Thanks Calie.

Same top and wig, new make up attempt

Stacy on Transliving International, read my diary there, and told be about removing make up. I’d written this:

I got some Anna time the other evening, and I decided to practice with the few items of make-up I have. Just my new wig, eyeliner and eye-shadow, and lippo – Oh my goodness, I hardly recognised myself. I took some pics with the iMac built in camera thing – but I’m too chicken to share them just yet – LoL. Then panic set in, when the stuff wouldn’t rub off straight away – LoL – even with the proper make-up remover.

After a bit of chat, where I mentioned I was using Rimmel, Stacy explained what to do. She said:

‘Ok you need to soak a cotton pad with remover, and with your eye closed, (do one at a time) place the pad on the eye and press in gently, after a minute or so then wipe the pad from the outer corner to the inner corner, then repeat and it should all come off.

Lipstick, blot with a tissue first, then you can use the eye make up remover here as well because lips are as delicate as the eyes. Once again place the pad on and leave, then wipe away.

Once this has been done, now is the time to take the make up remover and go over the face generally to take off the last dregs.

Then use your chosen wash method, before moisturising the skin.

Rimel do some great products, how ever they do not do any thing that will cover a beard, so really it is wasting money on concealers and foundations,when a light coverage of my derma product will cover all and last for ages.’

Well… I’ve had another go, and it does work. However, I spent a bit of time in front of the iMacs Photo Booth, and I’ve put some pics on my Flickr site. This was a first for me, using my site for self portraits. I feel ok about it today, and if I don’t get cold feet over them, I’ll try to do better next time. Anyway, back to the story, I only had the usual hour window to shower, do make up and dress, photos, undress, and remove make-up. I cut it very fine, so I was still in a rush. Stacy’s system works quite well, but it still isn’t instantaneous. I used pencil eye liner this time, but it’s still a dog to get of. I will just have to plan the whole affair with patience and timing – LoL.

Someone, ages ago now, well, last month perhaps, mentioned that Drag stood for Dressed as a Girl, and Drab stood for Dressed as a Boy, which was something I didn’t know. She was also asking whether we girls think of our boy clothes as drab, so thats drab drabs I guess. I started to leave a reply, and ran out of time – sort of had to cut and run. It was a few weeks before I got back home and caught up with every thing, and now I can’t find the post.

My take on some of her questions (here’s the answers, you get to guess the question).

It would be nice to wear my femme clothes all the time, rather than en homme, but Bob’s gear is as pretty as I can get. I only tend to buy Bob stuff when I have to, as I hate doing it, but when I do, it has got to be neat.

When Jay was in hospital having a new hip, I got a lot of time en Femme, and yes, I used to do everything, even the washing up, in my best clothes – in fact, virtually all my Anna stuff is best stuff. I know G-girls (genetic or genuine) don’t dress up to do chores, for this T-girl, if it’s the only chance in the day, (week – Lol), then I’m going to do it looking as nice as possible.

Bob has simple tastes, scruffy trainers, jeans and tops for gardening and jobs around the house. Second best trainers and jeans and tops for casual wear, and best trainers, best jeans and best tops for smart wear. Bob does have some casual sports/trouser things for a change, but not for best wear – LoL.

Thoughts of Thinking

Tina was saying she is fascinated by statistics, and I too have an interest in those, but it’s the underlying workings (mechanics – algorithms) of life, the universe, machinery, software and everything, that is extremely fascinating.

When I was in my late teens, my very first girl friend said that children think in pictures and adults think in words. I’m not sure how true this is, as I haven’t researched it. I didn’t like to say I thought in pictures as well as words, and I still do. In fact I think in a myriad of ways; pictures, feelings, shapes, and words of course. I don’t seem to control which method comes to hand first, so don’t ask me specific questions about it, although I’m very interested in what happens in your head. It is possible that none of this is true, and the patterns are something to do with my current depression – but I am in remission, I think! LoL.

Getting back to the mechanics of logic, and there is nothing more pure than maths of course. I adore mathematics and maths problems, probably because the mechanics of solving maths problems is already mapped out for us. I wasn’t quite clever enough to cope with calculus, sadly to say. Basic programming was fun, and I eventually taught it in night classes for beginners, but I haven’t done it for ages, and I suppose I’ve lost interest in it. Do you watch Countdown? We used to until this Geof person took over, and now we don’t bother. What fascinates me there though, are the people that get those conundrums so quickly; not why are they so good, but rather why are some of us so bad. Intriguingly, if I have had a bad night with the maths, and I haven’t solved the number problems – that’s the night I’ll get the conundrum, and can even beat the contestants and Jay on those nights. On normal nights when I’m zipping through the maths, I’m minutes behind Jay and the contestants at the conundrums.

What actually started this train of thought was Tina, and her Flickr request. I went through all her pictures and nothing happened to the stats. So I decided to play with my Bob and Anna site. Neither is linked to the other so I experimented with the search – and yes, Anna found Bob, and Bob found Anna – BUT – as Anna I could see all Bob’s pics, but as Bob, I got the -Anna has nothing for you – message. Considering both sites are open to the public, how does that happen.

What do you think of digital TV? I think it’s rubbish, and a lot of the blurb that’s being spat out to ‘assist’ people through the changes is rubbish too, and depending what point they are trying to make at the time, contradictory also. I know! – we couldn’t get the number of extra stations without going digital. Stuff your extra channels, I was happy with the 4 we had already.

BUT – I was in the kitchen Sunday washing up and tidying up the pans I’d used to cook dinner. Regular readers will know I just love Sundays – treating Jay by doing all the meals and cooking – and treating myself to those girlie jobs. So there I was, going through the channels to see if there was anything worth watching, and WOW – I came to the QVC channel and Estee Lauder was doing a make-up demonstration. Obviously, the presenter is trying to get us to buy her products, and you could too, there and then by just phoning in, and they’ll post you what ever you want. But it was just so fascinating watching an expert at work, explaining everything as she went – if only I had a photographic memory – and the results were fabulously subtle and beautiful; if I had been in the hobbies room with the spare VCR, I’d have recorded it all.

I do remember one thing she said – brown (eyeshadow) is the safe option, but it’s so boring, and doesn’t make your eyes light up. So that’s told me – LoL.

Split Personalities and Time Sharing

I’ve seen it written before, that all though we T-girls talk of our time as Bob, or time as Anna, in my case, as though they were separate entities, in reality, they aren’t separate – it’s the time spent en femme or en Bob that’s separate. It does make it easy though for us to explain what is going on in our lives. And what has been going on in my life? – Flikr – that’s what. I only added our holiday snaps onto the Bob account so that family and friends could see what we’ve been up to, and marvel at our superb photos – or not. In truth, I don’t believe I’m a great photographer, but I can take great photos at times. Some of my better photos have attracted attention, and of course, I’ve discovered ‘favourites’. Hopping through peoples favourites opens up a wealth of gorgeous photos, and I’ve now got several contacts whose photos I enjoy viewing. My contacts are virtually all woman photographers, and some have only recently started doing photography, but they take lovely photos. I now check out my account every day to see if they have added new pics.

The problem is, I have been neglecting your blogs. That’s a lie, I’m up to-date with your blogs, but I haven’t had time to blog hop around your friends blogs, and their friends blogs and – you get the picture. Worse than that – I haven’t written my own blog – so you’ve noticed eh? I’ve had a part written one in the word processor for days!

So what has Anna been up to? Make-up, again. Late yesterday afternoon I put the mascara on – yes, the bright blue one, and my only one to date. In the low level lighting we use, it passed un-noticed, although it looked blatantly obvious when I put it on. I think people only see what they expect to see sometimes. I put the eye shadow on above my eyes now, just a little, but in view. The eye socket overhang keeps that bit shaded, so that’s a help – probably that’s a cheat too, but what the heck!

The thing with my time  sharing, is that doing girlie things has to be spread out. I put the full eye shadow on, plus a load of mascara the other night, and when I was finished and satisfied, it was into the shower, and off it came. If I’m doing make-up, plucking eyebrows or waxing for example, then I can’t also get dressed en femme. I’m not complaining, it’s just one of those things. Talking about eyebrows, hairs are now growing from previously harvested areas. What is interesting, is that they highlight how much I have raised the bottom limits – nearly a centimetre. Just as well it’s the centimetre under the overhang, and only becomes obvious when I raise my eyebrows in amazement.

I had a lovely Xmas by the way, with a few sad periods where I would have loved to have shouted – Hey kids, I’m really a girl.  To be fair, that didn’t ruin Xmas as we had lots of fun. I like to use my feminine side as much as possible, but no one seemed to notice when I did. You know the kind of thing, lounging girlie style, saying things with a girly lilt, under dressing, the eye shadow of course – but being en Bob can cover a multitude of delights.

There is possibly another reason no one notices – but I’m not going there – LoL.

Hugs and best wishes to you all, Anna x