Lips and Nails

This has been a fun week, with lots of blog to reads, ad some interesting topics. Tina’s ‘Honesty Hurts’ (Read it here ) threw up a lot of interesting comments, and all those adorable sights on the right of this blog have had interesting bits going on too. Both Tina and Susan have the skill at seeing the important bits behind your writings, and coming up with stuff I hadn’t thought of.

A bit of pressure from Jay this week though – complaints about my lack of leg hair, and that I’m making my nails too girlie. I’m going to show you my hands and nails. OK, I own up to getting them as girlie as possible, but at the moment I’m failing miserably – ‘cos’ they are nothing like girlie, and the physicality (a nice Strickly Dancing term) of them means they are NEVER going to be girlie. But I can live with that – not that I have any choice, do I , LoL.

The offending nails

Lipstick; I have been carrying on with the practising / experimenting of applying the stuff. I have three lipsticks, two are Rimmel ones, and a third unbranded. Number three leaves very little tell-tale signs on my drinking glass, the Rimmel ones are awful, in that they leave big lip shaped marks behind. So it’s not just technique, that helps cover your tracks, the darn things vary too. OK – I’m practicing, so I buy the cheapest, but I hadn’t realised how much they vary. I guess I’ll have to buy better and more expensive ones, and I still haven’t got my lip-liner yet – LoL.

I’m going to be out of net contact, for a few days, but with my new phone, at least I can read all your blogs as you write them. Interestingly, I can read blogs off the phone without raising Jay’s suspicions, (so far, LoL) whereas, when I’m on the computer, she suspects I’m up to no good as standard – LoL.

Have fun, Hugs Anna x


More hair – or less.

You know what I’m like with wax strips – almost addicted, LoL. I normally use Boots own, which are quite tacky, and you can use them four or five times on the same spot to get rid of reluctant strands. This time I am using Veet, and instead of being one size per box, these have a variety. Being an inquisitive sort, I had a closer look, and found some narrow ones, labelled ‘bikini line, and ‘underarm’. Bikini line? whats wrong with the big ones – my bikini line is thick as everywhere else – LoL. Yes, I decided to do the underarm.

I have never had any issues with my underarm hair; it does a good job, a sort of dry film lubrication as I saw it. But removing it was fun – I told you I’m addicted – and better still, I’ve got a new ‘girlie thing’ that I can do. The best thing is, no one noticed, and so I don’t get told off. I know, it’s a bit childish, but to me it’s a bit of that reverse control freakiness, to combat that which comes my way when Jay spots something girlie.

I decided to try a less bright shade of lipstick last month, and it’s so less bright, it’s the same colour as my own lips. HHHmmmm, so what’s the chances of wearing it in mixed company, and no one knowing? It’s ok, relax girls, I won’t being trying it – but I would so like to, LoL.

Hugs to you all,

Anna x