iPhone Fun

Well, where did those two months go? As far as doing things as Anna, it has been a steady trickle of the usual; daily make-up, just a bit so it doesn’t attract Jay’s notice; under dressing as ever, the only time I don’t have something feminine on now is when I go to bed – LoL. I’ve been enjoying all your blogs in the mean time, thank you all very much.

Life as Anna disguised as Andy, has been busy and fun – it would just be so much more fun doing them as Anna. But fun is fun, no matter which way we get it. We’ve done loads of geocaching, photography, some walking and gardening – getting all the tubs sorted now for the balcony.

Those of you who use Facebook may have read that I’ve lost my iMac Internet connection; at the moment it is the most expensive photoframe and DVD player you can get. I was so mad with it, – nut let’s not go there. I have got a new covert access to my blog, my iPhone. Writing isn’t as easy as a proper keyboard, but at least it is something, and that’s how I’m doing this. It means Anna is well established on my phone – so that’s another ‘is this brave or stupid’ question, but I’m hoping I can keep Anna’s bits a folder away from direct view.

I was reading Jodie Kidd’s beauty page in You magazine, and they now do eye shadow that you apply with your FINGERs. Obviously the examples were stunning, but it has an element of so much fun. I bet if I try it, it’ll need the skill of an artist – LoL.


Lips and Nails

This has been a fun week, with lots of blog to reads, ad some interesting topics. Tina’s ‘Honesty Hurts’ (Read it here ) threw up a lot of interesting comments, and all those adorable sights on the right of this blog have had interesting bits going on too. Both Tina and Susan have the skill at seeing the important bits behind your writings, and coming up with stuff I hadn’t thought of.

A bit of pressure from Jay this week though – complaints about my lack of leg hair, and that I’m making my nails too girlie. I’m going to show you my hands and nails. OK, I own up to getting them as girlie as possible, but at the moment I’m failing miserably – ‘cos’ they are nothing like girlie, and the physicality (a nice Strickly Dancing term) of them means they are NEVER going to be girlie. But I can live with that – not that I have any choice, do I , LoL.

The offending nails

Lipstick; I have been carrying on with the practising / experimenting of applying the stuff. I have three lipsticks, two are Rimmel ones, and a third unbranded. Number three leaves very little tell-tale signs on my drinking glass, the Rimmel ones are awful, in that they leave big lip shaped marks behind. So it’s not just technique, that helps cover your tracks, the darn things vary too. OK – I’m practicing, so I buy the cheapest, but I hadn’t realised how much they vary. I guess I’ll have to buy better and more expensive ones, and I still haven’t got my lip-liner yet – LoL.

I’m going to be out of net contact, for a few days, but with my new phone, at least I can read all your blogs as you write them. Interestingly, I can read blogs off the phone without raising Jay’s suspicions, (so far, LoL) whereas, when I’m on the computer, she suspects I’m up to no good as standard – LoL.

Have fun, Hugs Anna x

A Lady in Waiting

I get lots of fun reading everyone’s blogs – not everyone on the net silly, LoL, just everyone I follow and hop through. I just adore all the differences we have, and the similarities with-in the differences – if you see what I mean. You all give me masses of fun, and more importantly, lots of hope.

Hoping for what – I’m not sure really – but probably that I can cope with the big discrepancy of what I’d like to be; like to have, and what I’ve got. There’s girls on Angels that have even less time and more hassles than me, so I’m not that badly off really. I’ve been going through a phase where I have hardly had any crossdressing time at all – not to be confused with underdressing and a little make-up, which I do all the time. But then yesterday, I had a very powerful need to crossdress, and do the whole transformation thing – not a good day for it though, so I got rather sulky and down about it all. Today? – everything is OK. Jay is heading for the hairdressers, which she hates, and I’m heading for my clothes cache. I just need to get the timing right – LoL.

So how did it go? Very nicely, but today it was weird, because I was like, androgenised, dressed in gear that both sexes wear, using Bob Togs, but feeling feminine, and looking fairly feminine too I think – (I hope!). I had a photo shoot, as you can see – more on Flickr – and enjoyed the short hour of illicitness – just so nice.

It’s now 4 days later, and Jay has been as grumpy as hell – that silent kind of grumpyness. I guessed she suspected I was going to play while she was out. But no, it’s a long boring story about how and why they got there, but I dropped a pair of bright blue frilly thongs, in the bedroom no less, and jay found them first. It took me a day and a half to realise they were missing, and then work out why Jay was silently grumpy. I am so a muppet. She did at least say that she still loves me. We so adore each other, but have this little mismatch that is Anna.

I read a story written by Girlscot, called Josh and Gail part 2. A conversation between two people, Josh coming out to Gail about being transgendered.

Go to http://www.fictionmania.tv
At the bottom of the page click on the word ‘ENTER’
Then cut and paste http://www.fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=1286875449548092363

Split Personalities and Time Sharing

I’ve seen it written before, that all though we T-girls talk of our time as Bob, or time as Anna, in my case, as though they were separate entities, in reality, they aren’t separate – it’s the time spent en femme or en Bob that’s separate. It does make it easy though for us to explain what is going on in our lives. And what has been going on in my life? – Flikr – that’s what. I only added our holiday snaps onto the Bob account so that family and friends could see what we’ve been up to, and marvel at our superb photos – or not. In truth, I don’t believe I’m a great photographer, but I can take great photos at times. Some of my better photos have attracted attention, and of course, I’ve discovered ‘favourites’. Hopping through peoples favourites opens up a wealth of gorgeous photos, and I’ve now got several contacts whose photos I enjoy viewing. My contacts are virtually all woman photographers, and some have only recently started doing photography, but they take lovely photos. I now check out my account every day to see if they have added new pics.

The problem is, I have been neglecting your blogs. That’s a lie, I’m up to-date with your blogs, but I haven’t had time to blog hop around your friends blogs, and their friends blogs and – you get the picture. Worse than that – I haven’t written my own blog – so you’ve noticed eh? I’ve had a part written one in the word processor for days!

So what has Anna been up to? Make-up, again. Late yesterday afternoon I put the mascara on – yes, the bright blue one, and my only one to date. In the low level lighting we use, it passed un-noticed, although it looked blatantly obvious when I put it on. I think people only see what they expect to see sometimes. I put the eye shadow on above my eyes now, just a little, but in view. The eye socket overhang keeps that bit shaded, so that’s a help – probably that’s a cheat too, but what the heck!

The thing with my time  sharing, is that doing girlie things has to be spread out. I put the full eye shadow on, plus a load of mascara the other night, and when I was finished and satisfied, it was into the shower, and off it came. If I’m doing make-up, plucking eyebrows or waxing for example, then I can’t also get dressed en femme. I’m not complaining, it’s just one of those things. Talking about eyebrows, hairs are now growing from previously harvested areas. What is interesting, is that they highlight how much I have raised the bottom limits – nearly a centimetre. Just as well it’s the centimetre under the overhang, and only becomes obvious when I raise my eyebrows in amazement.

I had a lovely Xmas by the way, with a few sad periods where I would have loved to have shouted – Hey kids, I’m really a girl.  To be fair, that didn’t ruin Xmas as we had lots of fun. I like to use my feminine side as much as possible, but no one seemed to notice when I did. You know the kind of thing, lounging girlie style, saying things with a girly lilt, under dressing, the eye shadow of course – but being en Bob can cover a multitude of delights.

There is possibly another reason no one notices – but I’m not going there – LoL.

Hugs and best wishes to you all, Anna x

Eyeshadow, Lists, and Flack

I’ve been up to no good again. I have bought some eye shadow, and with my droopy eyelids you can’t see much of it, and just as well you’ll be thinking.

Since our last trip to the relatives in Kent and Essex, Jay has been whinging about the length of my fingernails. I admit they are longer than the average Bob nails, but a girl needs something pretty about their personage. Just to prove that Jay can’t have the last word on everything, I wanted to do something covert, and it’s just so much fun to experiment. Like the lipstick experiment, I wasn’t expecting to have it on very long, but when I tried applying the eye shadow, two things were very obvious; the droopy lids as just mentioned, and the colours I chose – a brown and light brown. I chose them because my son said that for most people, browns are the best colour. At least, thats what I think he said, and as I was in Aldi, unchaperoned – LoL – I took the opportunity to buy something girlie, and this looked like a good choice.
The darker of the two browns is only a trifle darker than my own skin colour, and tucked in under the eye brows, it doesn’t show up. So if it doesn’t show up, why am I doing it – because I can. It’s nice to practice with something innocuous too, and as I hinted at just now, it’s sort of gives me the feeling that I am one up on Jay. I’ve been out shopping in the village today too, and just to be out and about with something girlie on is sort of emboldening.

I was chatting the other day about eyebrows. On my visit around the relatives, I did a bit of eyebrow research, and I discovered what? That I have married into a family with ugly eyebrows – in fact, mine are the prettiest. Really!

Tina was chatting on her blog about her list of firsts. It was a gorgeously long list and I don’t think I could claim more than a couple of them for myself – if I stretch a point or two –LoL. Then I popped into Demi’s blog, and she had a list – but hers was from the other side so to speak – this was a list of things to aim at doing – and I had a few of those. She was actually writing a letter to someone who had left her a comment, ( I think, but check it out yourself), and so she was writing this, hoping the person would come back and read it. It’s a very nice read too. Hmmm, I guess that’s more home work eh?

Jess and I have a problem with labels – me, partly as I don’t always understand what they mean exactly, – and both of us, because people use the labels to isolate and denigrate various other parts of the T community. It seems to me that the Trans community is where the gay community was 20 or more years ago. The gay and lesbian groups have overcome a lot of the abuse and discrimination that used to be showered on them, and hopefully we can do the same. The problem is, those who stand up for us, seem to come in for a lot of stick, and perversely, a lot of it seems to come from within the T groups. This is a shame, as it’s bad enough coping with transphobics etc. with out dealing with a lot of flack from t-girls. Some of the flack comes from within the LBGT ubergroup, and you would have thought, seeing how much the LBGs in it have had to put up with, they would be more sympathetic. My immediate lesbian and gay friends, who don’t know I’m trans incidentally, don’t appear to be transphobic, but some of the high profile LBGs are certainly overcritical of individual t-girls. I’ve got a lot of help from Angels and Transliving, but you can’t rely on 100% support even from the girls there either, if you stick your head up over the parapet. There is a lot of criticism on hand every where it seems. I guess the flack only comes from a minority of people, but the are certainly vociferous.

Hugs Anna

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