Happy 2016 and other updates

First – I wish all readers and followers of my little blog, a happy, safe and rewarding 2016.

I notice that my little blog is still getting hits, so I thank you all most kindly.When I started my blog, it was with the hope that it would track my journey into some form of womanhood, and so I made it public and safe, with no sexy stuff of risqué photos, so that it was suitable for children and young adults looking for information on what others are going through. Unfortunately, I got glued into the closest. My fault, but I decided that the love of my wife Jay, and her love for me, was more important than gender emancipation, (if that’s the right word).

The hormones, even at the low level that my prostate is allowed, are doing a good job. My body hair continues to get thinner and thinner; my back no longer resembles a monkey’s; my chest hair has gone; my breast hair is very thin, and my arm hair has lost a lot of it’s colour and strength, which makes it invisible when I have tanned arms in the summer. My tummy hair is reluctant to go for some reason, as are the knees. Hanna (see my reading list) was bemoaning hair on her hands, but my hands and feet, together with my legs, were the first things I hit with the wax strips. I still have some hair on my hands, but it takes ages to grow now, and is thin and pale, so I don’t need to do them very much. I haven’t had to wax my legs for a couple of years now, bar the pesky knees of course.

I was hoping for some breasts by now, but even if they haven’t grown in actuality, they feel a nice size in my hand, and have that nice feel that Jay’s have. Viewed full on in a mirror they don’t look much at all.

The main thing about thinking of myself as a woman is that there is a big difference in how I perceive myself in my brain – and what I see in a mirror. The technique is not to let the mirror dissuade  me from my core feelings of self – and to look at myself as little as possible.

Christmas was fun, with all the GUKs (grown up kids) at home. I have recommenced underdressing most of the time , which keeps me sane and motivated. By most of the time, I mean all day from getting dressed after breakfast to getting undressed for bed at night. I have some super comfy nickers in short shorts style with Super Babe on them. I also tuck all the time, and this underwear keeps the essential bits that I hate so much, smoothed out and non-manly. It appeals to me to be womanised as far as possible when the GUKs are around – or anyone else for that matter, LoL.

That will do for now, but I have some gossip to share, so I’ll pop back again soon. Hugs to you all.